Watch Stranger Things’ Honest Trailer Hilariously Tackle Justice For Barb

Stranger Things finally returned for a second season on Netflix in October, and the craze has not yet died down as fans have plenty of plot twists to consider. There were some big deaths as well as some notable hints that characters might not be as dead as we thought, and there are still major questions about the series that need to be answered. The Honest Trailer team has now released a trailer for Season 1 of Stranger Things that addresses the #JusticeForBarb movement in a pretty hilarious way. Take a look!

Ever since Season 1 of Stranger Things gruesomely killed off Barb and neglected to deliver much in the way of in-universe closure for her death, many fans have been clamoring for "justice for Barb." As the Honest Trailer notes, Barb really doesn't appear in much of the season and dies pretty early on, so the way the #JusticeForBarb movement has taken on a life of its own is pretty crazy by this point. All things considered, I'm inclined to agree that not enough attention is paid to poor Benny, who lost his life simply because he wanted to help Eleven. Sign me up for #JusticeForBenny!

On the non-Barb front, the Honest Trailer naturally mentions the many, many movies that inspired Stranger Things. Creators Matt and Ross Duffer have been open about their homages to big movies of the 1980s, as well as the works of Steven King. They haven't mentioned The Hangover as an inspiration for the series, but it's kind of difficult to forget the similarities between Season 1 of Stranger Things and The Hangover now that the Honest Trailer pointed them out. From the one character who is a huge liability to the rest of the group to the missing friend, there are some very unexpected (and almost certainly unintended) parallels between Stranger Things and The Hangover.

There are probably plenty of fans who can relate to the Honest Trailer narrator's refusal to skip the credits of Stranger Things. The 80s theme song combined with the Steven King-esque font makes for a mood-setting opening credits sequence, and even viewers looking to get through the episodes as quickly as humanly possible might not be inclined to skip the credits.

Many Honest Trailers are super brutal when it comes to breaking down movies and television, so it's probably a sign of how well-received Season 1 was that even the Honest Trailer didn't get too picky about what worked and what didn't. It should be interesting to see what happens if an Honest Trailer for Season 2 is ever produced. While the consensus seems to be that Stranger Things Season 2 was a solid follow-up to Season 1, there was one episode in particular (that was even alluded to in the Honest Trailer) that has been seriously polarizing.

You can catch the first two seasons of Stranger Things streaming on Netflix. Be sure to check out the wild way one police station is using Stranger Things on the job, and take a look at our 2017 Netflix guide.

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