Jason Momoa Is A Bloody Badass In Trailer For Netflix's Frontier Season 2

When one looks like Jason Momoa, it's hard to be called anything other than a badass. He was a badass as Khal Drogo, he's a badass as Aquaman, and he looks to be a badass in the Season 2 trailer for the Netflix series Frontier. Declan Harp is back, and he's looking bloody as the Hudson Bay Company has put a price out on his head:

Apparently, it takes more than a hanging and a bullet to stop Declan Harp. That much fans knew at the end of Season 1, and now that Frontier is back for Season 2, Harp is on the hunt for Benton. That's not all that surprising, considering Harp's had an axe to grind against him and the Hudson Bay Company for quite a while, and as the trailer states, he's not afraid to start a war just to kill one man. Season 2 of Frontier, which is currently airing in Canada, will be uploaded in full November 24th on Netflix.

Given the fact that Frontier received less than stellar reviews, it wouldn't be surprising if some folks are curious as to how this series got a Season 2. After all, Netflix was on a roll of dropping shows that weren't doing too well, so maybe Frontier got lucky due to streaming service renewing it before Season 1 was even released. Take that, plus the current boost in celebrity Jason Momoa is celebrating as DC's Aquaman, and things become a little more obvious. The series, which Netflix co-produces with Discovery Canada, has already been granted a Season 3 as well. So it's not as though the initial naysaying of critics has hampered its success.

While critics don't appear to be the biggest fans of Frontier, the show has managed to get some love from the general public. The series sits at a 78% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDB has it marked for a 7.2/10. Those aren't "best show on television" approval ratings by any stretch, but it does show this series offers more enjoyment to the masses than a couple reviews might lead one to believe. Plus, it's still doing well enough to continue to get new seasons, so it has to be doing something right.

As mentioned, Frontier will debut Season 2 to American audiences beginning November 24th on Netflix. It's just one of the many upcoming shows that are rounding out this year in television, all of which can be found in our fall premiere guide. For a look beyond that, head on over to our midseason premiere guide and get a jump on what's on tap for television in 2018. Finally, for a look at some shows that weren't able to avoid cancellation in 2017, head here.

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