New Arrow-verse Crossover Pics Show First Look At The Ray, Dark Flash And More

This weekend marks the release of The Punisher, Marvel and Netflix's new spinoff of their Defenders-verse. But while that show does have some crossover appeal thanks to Karen Page, comic book fans know that The CW will be home to TV's biggest super-crossover later this month. All four Arrow-verse series are coming together in a bigger and better way than ever before, and a slew of new and intriguing images were released today, offering us first looks at the new DC hero The Ray, as well as clear shots of the evil versions of our core heroes, and more.

The Ray

We'll start off with the newest addition to The CW's corner of the DC Universe: The Ray, also known as Ray Terrill. Actor Russell Tovey was first cast to portray The Ray, one of the only officially gay superheroes out there, for the upcoming animated series dedicated to the DC Comics character. He was then tapped for the live-action role whenever it was first announced that Earth-X was going to factor into this year's mega-crossover.

This admittedly isn't the sexiest shot of a superhero to behold, so to speak, but The Ray doesn't necessarily have a big and complicated costume to pull off, since it's mostly just the jacket and helmet. Still, that looks like a decent helmet that actually fits his head, which isn't always the case on these shows.

Dark Flash

If anyone thought that The Flash's "When Harry Met Harry" would be the craziest thing happening to a Tom Cavanagh character this season, let's get real. With Harry Wells as the current Earth-1 mainstay, the most recent episode invited a handful of other Wells from different dimensions, and it wasn't hard to predict that things would get argumentative. And it probably doesn't get more argumentative than Earth-X's Dark Flash, which is somehow a version of Wells that we've seen before in a sense, even though we haven't.

Fans remember back in Season 1, Tom Cavanagh was already playing his most deceiving role in The Flash's world. Wells' body was taken over by Eobard Thawne, and his Reverse Flash served as the main Season 1 antagonist. To see Cavanagh back in this get-up does bring back some memories of those days, but mostly ones where I want to punch Eobard in the face. Here's hoping he's still got the fun charisma.

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Dark Arrow

We know that Earth-X is where all the evil versions of heroes exist, but while Tom Cavanagh is taking Grant Gustin's place as the Dark Flash -- assuming Gustin won't show up in some other capacity -- the show is definitely using Stephen Amell as its Dark Arrow. For a brief shot in the trailer for the crossover, we did indeed see the actor wearing a darker uniform, but now that the new images have been released, we're seeing that Amell will also be donning a special mask as Dark Arrow.

Beyond looking intimidating, it's not immediately clear what the point of Dark Arrow's mask is. I mean, it could easily be to keep Earth-X Oliver's identity a secret, or maybe it's a gas mask, too. I'm kinda hoping the character's voice is altered a bit while he's in there. Oliver did make a Bruce Wayne reference recently, so this could be Stephen Amell's chance to break out his Bat-growl.


Having the Earth's most powerful alien on one's side is obviously an advantage in any situation, but while Melissa Benoist's Kara is undoubtedly a protagonist on her Earth, the big Arrow-verse crossover will bring in her villainous counterpart, Overgirl. In case anyone wonders what the nomenclature connection is there, it's just a gender-swap for Overman, which was the name given to the evil allt-Superman in the comics.

After getting a good look at Overgirl in the new CW pics, I can't help but be disappointed that this episode hadn't come out many months ahead of Halloween, so that I could throw money at a licensed T-shirt or jacket. I am a huge fan of the altered costume design here, both for the color changes and the logo. (Not that I'd ever wear that logo outdoors, lest anyone think I'm pimping Nazi-wear.) It is going to be interesting to see Supergirl and Overgirl going head to head, since each is basically the only character that could take the other one down.

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Citizen Cold

It was revealed relatively recently that Arrow-verse vet Wentworth Miller is soon exiting this comic book world, and it'll presumably happen during or after the crossover. Leonard Snart had already seen his share of temporary exists, with Captain Cold getting killed off at times, only to return through time travel and whatnot. And thankfully, Miller is getting to do something quite different for the crossover.

This version of Leonard Snart is also from Earth-X, and he's a straightforward good guy in this world, going by the comic-familiar name of Citizen Cold. It won't be too different, of course, since Snart earned his hero card while attempting to save the day as part of Legends of Tomorrow's first iteration. But even then, he was extremely snarky and not very happy about doing good deeds. Citizen Cold, which will give Wentworth Miller the chance to wear some new goggles, will hopefully be memorable enough to last until the actor eventually decides to return, if it ever happens.

Barry And Iris' Wedding

Speaking of things that might happen and might not happen, the big Arrow-verse crossover will also give WestAllen fans the big wedding they're been waiting for...or so we think. Regardless of all the trouble Barry and Iris had trying to find an ideal wedding venue, it looks like they landed something nice, and they're wasting little time taking their relationship to the next level.

Of course, the image above doesn't exactly look like everyone is getting ready to head over to the reception for drinking and dancing. It appears that a major obstacle will introduce itself at Barry and Iris' wedding, and that'll be a memory they'll never be able to forget. Everybody is just standing there all slack-jawed, so it's possible they're just looking at something weird and unexpected, as opposed to seeing an alien race hellbent on destroying everything in its path. Here's hoping they at least got to tie the knot before everything else unravels.

Of course, we've still got lots of Flash and Arrow stuff to think about before the crossover gets here, such as Amunet Black's return and The Thinker's plan, as well as Diggle's drug problems. And we're also likely going to see Reign show up on Supergirl after the crossover, so that'll be awesome.

Check out the trailer for the big crossover, and then set your calendars and alarms for 11/27-11/28. Supergirl will usher in the first part of the crossover on Monday, November 27, at 8:00 p.m. ET, and it'll be followed by Arrow making a special jump to Monday nights. The festivities will continue the next night on The Flash at 8:00 p.m. ET, and then on Legends of Tomorrow, which airs right after. To see what other shows are yet to premiere, head to our fall TV premiere schedule.

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