This weekend marks the release of The Punisher, Marvel and Netflix's new spinoff of their Defenders-verse. But while that show does have some crossover appeal thanks to Karen Page, comic book fans know that The CW will be home to TV's biggest super-crossover later this month. All four Arrow-verse series are coming together in a bigger and better way than ever before, and a slew of new and intriguing images were released today, offering us first looks at the new DC hero The Ray, as well as clear shots of the evil versions of our core heroes, and more.

The Ray

We'll start off with the newest addition to The CW's corner of the DC Universe: The Ray, also known as Ray Terrill. Actor Russell Tovey was first cast to portray The Ray, one of the only officially gay superheroes out there, for the upcoming animated series dedicated to the DC Comics character. He was then tapped for the live-action role whenever it was first announced that Earth-X was going to factor into this year's mega-crossover.

This admittedly isn't the sexiest shot of a superhero to behold, so to speak, but The Ray doesn't necessarily have a big and complicated costume to pull off, since it's mostly just the jacket and helmet. Still, that looks like a decent helmet that actually fits his head, which isn't always the case on these shows.

Dark Flash

If anyone thought that The Flash's "When Harry Met Harry" would be the craziest thing happening to a Tom Cavanagh character this season, let's get real. With Harry Wells as the current Earth-1 mainstay, the most recent episode invited a handful of other Wells from different dimensions, and it wasn't hard to predict that things would get argumentative. And it probably doesn't get more argumentative than Earth-X's Dark Flash, which is somehow a version of Wells that we've seen before in a sense, even though we haven't.

Fans remember back in Season 1, Tom Cavanagh was already playing his most deceiving role in The Flash's world. Wells' body was taken over by Eobard Thawne, and his Reverse Flash served as the main Season 1 antagonist. To see Cavanagh back in this get-up does bring back some memories of those days, but mostly ones where I want to punch Eobard in the face. Here's hoping he's still got the fun charisma.

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