Could A Justice League Unlimited Reunion Happen? Kevin Conroy Is Ready For It

The Justice League team assembled in Unlimited

If you've been paying any attention to the world of TV and film, you'll notice one trend that is ruling the day: nostalgia. And with nostalgic properties proving to be extremely profitable, it seems like just about any show could return for a revival. But could this also extend into the animated world? Fans of the DC series Justice League Unlimited have been campaigning for the show to return by tweeting #JLReunion, and now legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy has voiced his interest in playing Batman in a possibly revival. When asked about it via social media, he responded with,

Per his tweet, it looks like the most prolific Batman ever is down for playing the role in a Justice League Unlimited revival. And with the titular team finally making its live-action debut with Zack Snyder's Justice League, it may be the perfect time to bring the animated series back through a TV movie or straight to DVD animated feature.

Justice League ran for six years on Cartoon Network the early 2000s, starting with a smaller team and eventually expanding to include all of DC's most famous heroes. It spawned endless merchandise and comics, once again providing a win for DC's animated studio. Following a team of seven heroes, we saw as the motley crew attempted to unite and work together in order to save Earth from villains like The Joker, Lex Luthor, and Gorilla Grodd. The series is also known for its serialized storytelling. Rather than focusing on one villain per episode like a procedural, the plot of each season moved forward, and allowed the group of heroes to grow in front of the audience's eyes.

Kevin Coroy was given star billing in Justice League Unlimited, playing Bruce Wayne/Batman after his fantastic tenure as the character on Batman: The Animated Series. Conroy hasn't stopped voicing the character since, playing the character in a shopping 12 animated movies, in addition to his TV work. Conroy also voiced the Dark Night in games, including the Arkham and Injustice series. This guy IS Batman, so his interest in a possible Justice League Unlimited reunion speaks volumes.

It would definitely be interesting to see if Justice League Unlimited returns for a revival or TV movie. There's already currently a Justice League show on television: Justice League Action, with Kevin Conroy once again reprising his role. The season included in November, and it's unclear if there will be more episodes next year. But whenever Batman does show up on the small screen, you can be sure that Conroy will be playing the role.

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Corey Chichizola
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