The Flash Is Adding A WWE Legend To Season 4

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Since the Arrow-verse is full of ass-kicking heroes bringing the pain to a never-ending line of dangerous villains, the various shows bring a lot of big and buff guest stars in. For many pro wrestling fans out there, they don't come bigger or buffer than Goldberg, and The Flash has apparently added the WCW and WWE icon as a Season 4 guest star. So can we expect to see Barry Allen getting jackhammered through a S.T.A.R. Labs desk soon?

News of Bill Goldberg's temporary addition to The Flash's roster didn't come from The CW or any of the show's producers, but rather from the wrestling legend himself via social media. It would have been more exciting to see that announcement hollered out into the crowd as he's standing on the turnbuckles, but we'll take any form of news-delivery when it means Goldberg is coming to Central City. And though we don't know what kind of role he'll be playing -- it's rumored not even The Thinker saw this one coming -- we do know it won't be for just one episode.

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I don't think anybody is expecting Bill Goldberg to hop into The Flash's world for a musical episode, or as a short-lived assistant to Dibny. He's more than likely going to be one of the people that The Thinker metahu-manufactured, although it would be fun if he got hired to be Dibny's meek and mild assistant and then revealed that he was actually a muscular mountain of a villain. Just a word of advice for whatever character Goldberg ends up playing: the spear probably won't work on Elongated Man in the way it's intended to, so maybe avoid that.

Bill Goldberg first started his professional career as an NFL player, though an injury permanently sidelined that. He achieved almost instant pro wrestling fame 20 years ago with a giant undefeated streak that prompted his long-lasting catchphrase "Who's Next?" Goldberg later joined the WWE for a short stint before bouncing around to other promotions, making his highly lauded return to the WWE last year. But his Flash appearance won't be Goldberg's first time acting, either, as he's appeared in quite a few movies and TV shows over the years, from Universal Soldier: The Return to The Celebrity Apprentice to The Goldbergs (no relation) to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Hopefully he'll ham it up in proper fashion for The Flash.

As many viewers know, the CW's DC-verse has brought in some other WWE superstars in the past as well. Back in The Flash's Season 2 premiere, Adam "Edge" Copeland caused some havoc as Atom Smasher, which was pretty fun. The more bizarre connection, however, culminated in Cody Rhodes' appearance in Arrow Season 5 as Derek Sampson. For a while, Arrow star Stephen Amell had a "feud" going with Rhodes during his Stardust days, which even led to a tag team match at the 2015 Summer Slam pay-per-view event. Those were exciting times. Now let's get Chris Jericho and Ric Flair on Legends of Tomorrow, and somebody make sure the Hardy Boyz aren't actually metahumans in real life.

We're not sure when Goldberg will be making his big Flash debut, but it's almost definitely coming after the series returns to The CW in 2018 for its midseason premiere. But until its hiatus arrives, watch it Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET, and to see when it and all the other shows are returning next year, head to our 2018 midseason premiere schedule.

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