Haters Back Off Cancelled At Netflix, No Season 3 Happening

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After a brief silence following a brutal period of cancellations for original shows earlier this year, Netflix is back to making moves. While that proved to be good news for both Mindhunter and Stranger Things, another original series was not so lucky. Haters Back Off, which featured YouTube sensation Colleen Ballinger, has been canceled and will not be receiving a Season 3 at Netflix.

Haters Back Off made its debut in October 2016 and lasted sixteen episodes before its official cancellation. The news of the cancellation (via TVLine) comes a little over a month following the release of Season 2, which saw Miranda attempting to get money from her fans and obtaining fifteen minutes of fame on a New York stage. Star and co-creator of the series Colleen Ballinger posted the following message upon learning of the show's cancellation on her Twitter page:

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Colleen Ballinger first gained acclaim for the character Miranda Sings on YouTube back in 2008. Haters Back Off, which is rooted in those videos, found it's way to Netflix after a bidding war between it and HBO for rights to the series. At the time, some analysts remarked that Netflix was a natural fit for the series, as Ballinger already had a group of fans who followed her videos online. Ballinger, who currently has 5.2 million subscribers on YouTube, apparently wasn't able to draw enough fans to Haters Back Off as Netflix would've liked as one would imagine numbers like that would've guaranteed a Season 3 for the series.

While Haters Back Off is officially done at Netflix, all hope is not lost that the saga won't continue for the character Miranda in some way. Colleen Ballinger has expressed interest in wanting to continue telling the story of Miranda past the two seasons the show was given, and with YouTube giving its top players shows on its subscription service YouTube Red, it's might be possible the show could continue in some way on that platform. If not, Ballinger could also just continue to make short videos with Miranda like she did prior to the show happening and work towards resolving the story the series sought to tell.

The two seasons of Haters Back Off are available to stream on Netflix. For a list of other shows that failed to make it out of 2017 without being canceled, be sure to visit our cancellation guide. Those instead looking for more new television to watch can check out CinemaBlend's fall premiere guide and midseason premiere guide for dates detailing when the hottest shows of the year will premiere or return.

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