Blue Bloods Just Landed Ghostbusters' Ernie Hudson For Season 8

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When there's something strange in your neighborhood, you're probably better off calling the cops and not the Ghostbusters. While we can never expect those two to team up in real life, those two worlds will collide as Winston Zedddemore portrayer Ernie Hudson is making his way to Blue Bloods to stop another type of threat in NYC: gang violence. Unfortunately, it appears Hudson's character will be breaking more rules than crossing streams which, in this context, also sounds highly inappropriate.

As far as Blue Bloods specifics go, Ernie Hudson will take a guest-starring role in an upcoming episode as a disgruntled school principal named Darryl whose school is a frequent victim of gang violence. His frustration eventually reaches a point of action, and Darryl will go to "extreme measures" in trying to make a difference with his school's tumultuous atmosphere. It wasn't specifically stated what Hudson's character will do, but it was said he will confront the kids "in a language they understand best," which sounds intense. EW writes that Blue Bloods fans can expect to see Hudson on the series sometime in 2018.

Until then, we can only speculate on what Ernie Hudson's Darryl does that requires Tom Selleck's Frank Reagan and others to get involved. The "language" part of that statement directly implies spoken words, but given all the overarching issues in New York City, it doesn't seem likely a case file would be opened because a school principal talked smack to a kid. Perhaps Hudson's character threatens a student with a gun? That doesn't seem like something that's out of the realm of possibility if we stretch "language" a bit, but at the same time, a school principal should definitely know guns don't belong in schools. That said, maybe things have been escalated to a state where he feels that's the only way to bring peace back to the school. It should be interesting, however it goes.

While Ghostbusters is one of the crown jewels of Ernie Hudson's resume, he's been quite busy in Hollywood and has had scores of television appearances since ending his time in the franchise. Most recently, Hudson was featured in the revival of Twin Peaks and is a recurring character in the Netflix original Grace and Frankie. With his upcoming guest role on Blue Bloods, Hudson gets another big notch in his belt, and hopefully the continued admiration of fans. Blue Bloods is consistently one of the most-watched shows of any given year, so he's probably got a lot of fans in that audience.

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