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In the 69 years he's been on this Earth, Alice Cooper has done a lot of things. He's led a successful music career, frightened and entertained tons of people, and gotten a few acting credits on television and film. Now, Cooper is adding the title of stage actor to his list, as the singer is set to take the stage in NBC's production of Jesus Christ Superstar Live! as King Herod.

Alice Cooper, who has been entertaining Rock music fans for decades with his elaborate stage shows, will play the flamboyant king who sends Jesus back to Pontius Pilate, and ultimately allows for Jesus' crucifixion. The NBC production of Jesus Christ Superstar Live! is set to air Easter Sunday, which will be April 1st. It will be a back to back night of musical productions for NBC as the airing will be preceded by the Jennifer Lopez led Bye Bye Birdie Live!.

Alice Cooper is supposedly one of the first of many musical artists to be attached to Jesus Christ Superstar Live! as the initial announcement for the production cited the show hoped to get as many recording artists as possible involved. Cooper is a great place to start, and it will be interesting to see what personal flair if any, he brings to the character of King Herod, who is not usually portrayed in a manner that Cooper presents himself. As Herod, Cooper will be in charge of belting out the musical number "King Herod's Song (Try It And See)," which features Herod prompting Jesus to perform a miracle in order to be set free from his fate. Cooper has performed the song in the past for an album celebrating the show, and did a pretty great job:

Will Alice Cooper be able to replicate the performance again 17 years later? Considering he's a non-stop touring machine and has been singing ever since it seems as though he'll be up for the challenge.

Alice Cooper will grace the stage of Jesus Christ Superstar Live! on NBC April 1st. For more information on other shows that will be coming in 2018, be sure to head over to our midseason premiere guide. Those looking instead to stay somewhat present and see what's left to enjoy in 2017, head over to our fall premiere guide and send the year out with a bang with great television. For a journey through some of the lesser celebrated shows of the year, visit our cancellation guide.

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