He-Man's She-Ra Is Returning To TV For A New Show

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Netflix and DreamWorks Animation are teaming up to release a lot of new animated series next year, and while most of them are exciting for modern kiddos fond of Trolls and Boss Baby, children of the '80s are gonna love one in particular: She-Ra. One of Eternia's biggest heroes is being brought back for an original series, and for once, Prince "He-Man" Adam is taking a back seat. Instead, his twin sister Adora, the Princess Of Power, is coming to Netflix for the new self-titled original series, She-Ra.

Yes, She-Ra is back, and it appears DreamWorks Animation is trying to make a mark with the character, as female heroes are rapidly becoming a more common thing in mainstream media. Not much is known about She-Ra at this time, although DreamWorks Animation has enlisted writer and award-winning cartoonist Noelle Stevenson as an executive producer. Stevenson is most known for her fantasy comic series Nimona, as well as Lumberjanes, although she's also worked as a writer for Marvel Comics on both Thor Annual and Runaways. Stevenson's works are known for strong portrayals of women characters, which makes her a perfect choice to develop the upcoming She-Ra series.

An interesting question revolving around the upcoming She-Ra series (which is slated for 2018), is where the first part of the story will take place. As any die-hard fan of the character will remember, She-Ra did not have the same blessed life her brother Adam did while romping around Eternia with Cringer. Instead, She-Ra was kidnapped by the leader of the Evil Horde, Hordak, who mind-controlled her into being evil before she finally coming to her senses later in life. That possibly sounds a bit heavy for a children's cartoon of the CGI era, although DreamWorks Animation has done a solid job of walking the line of more mature themes in children's programming with Voltron: Legendary Defender. As such, it's possible the creative team will see no problem in giving its heroine this darker introduction, or possibly something similarly dark.

The other big question, of course, is whether or not DreamWorks Animation will feature He-Man at all in She-Ra. The character had a handful of appearances in the classic animated series, although that only made sense, considering She-Ray was a spin-off to the He-Man series. Perhaps this time around, DreamWorks Animation will flip the script and make He-Man a spinoff of She-Ra at some point? By the power of Grayskull, we can only hope!

She-Ra is looking to swoop in on Swift Wind to land at Netflix sometime in 2018, although no official date has been released for when to expect it. For more on upcoming programming in 2018, be sure to bookmark our midseason premiere guide as we continue to update the list with all the new shows premiering or returning in the new year. For a look at what's left to watch in 2017, visit our fall premiere guide. Those curious as to what shows missed the mark this year and were canceled can visit our cancellation guide.

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