New Look At Roseanne Revival Reminds Us How Terrible The Wallpaper Was

Like few shows before or after it, Roseanne really played up its characters' financial situations, and even though the Conner family lived in a two-story house that was larger than many middle class, blue-collar homes in the 1980s (and even now), it wasn't exactly the most extravagant abode. And when Roseanne returns to ABC for the highly anticipated revival season, viewers will probably see a family home that hasn't been updated all that much, as evidenced by a new look at the returning sitcom. Just look at that wallpaper!

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In this legitimate look at the series itself, as opposed to behind-the-scenes looks of months past, we see three of the core characters hanging out in a bedroom and looking none too pleased about something. Could Darlene, Roseanne and Dan be they're displeased with the fact that seemingly no one has given the Conner household a facelift in the past 20 years? Specifically, everyone should bemoan that wallpaper!

Roseanne's flowery top, while not exactly an apex of visual splendor, looks far more like wall decoration than what's currently up there, since that wallpaper is full of construction equipment like excavators and bulldozers. Plus, the mid-wall border is full of semis transporting the aforementioned machines. It's weird that it exists at all, much less as decoration for a massively popular TV show.

But while it's fun to rail on ridiculously tacky set dressing like that, it's not meant as an insult to Roseanne, but rather a celebratory compliment. After all, the lottery-infused Season 9 gave the family the money to actually do some home updates that negatively changed up the oh-so-familiar aesthetic. But even though this is just a minimal first look, it's really a window into the rest of the show's approach, which will retain the show's more modest decorations, like that spooky clown picture. Big kudos for the Chicago Cubs pennant, too, since that's actually became a lot more timely in recent years.

Understandably, the show's creative team is fully invested in giving viewers a revival that doesn't feature inane changes and updates, but rather keeps the original vibe intact. As showrunner Bruce Helford told EW:

You will feel the emotion from seeing that set again. It will be an extra-special experience.

While this youthful bedroom was a fun place to start the sneak peeks, we're hoping to see those iconic living room and kitchen sets next. Who can forget the anti-stylish wallpaper that adorned those kitchen walls for so many years?

While Roseanne's revival doesn't yet have a release date set in stone, ABC is expected to deliver the nine-episode season to fans in the early months of 2018. Check out all of the returning stars, both surprising and expected, and hit up our 2018 midseason premiere schedule to see all the other new and returning shows coming soon.

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