New Girl Season 7 Just Cast A Hilarious Actor As Winston's Dad

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Fox's New Girl has set up quite a mystery, after six seasons, involving Winston's dad. We've never seen him, mostly because he abandoned the prank loving loft-mate at an early age, but the final season of the comedy is finally bringing the elder Bishop back into his son's life. And, the show got a seriously funny dude to play dad duties for Season 7, because Curb Your Enthusiasm's J.B. Smoove will be stepping up to portray Winston's dad.

That's right, by the time Season 7 of New Girl closes the book on this group of oddball friends, Winston Bishop will finally have a meeting with his long-lost father. When the show wrapped up Season 6 in April (before anyone knew whether that would simply be a season finale or a series finale), Winston's fiancée Aly had made the decision to locate his dad and give the information to him. And, Winston took his number and actually contacted him in a feat of personal bravery rarely seen in the character. Now, we just have to see how this first meeting in many decades will pan out.

Of course, considering that the series has gotten professional funny man J.B. Smoove to play Winston's dad, it's incredibly likely that the meeting will be silly as all get out. This is also New Girl, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if we can expect the funny to be mixed with a lot of sincerity, poignancy and possibly something so sweet that it'll make fans cry just a little.

Evoking tear-filled emotions isn't new for J.B. Smoove, but he's more well-known for making people laugh until they cry. The comedian is known for his wacky characters in a series of comedies on TV and the big screen. He's lent his talents to Saturday Night Live, Everybody Hates Chris, Date Night, 'Til Death, American Dad! and Almost Christmas among many other projects, but he's still best known for playing Larry David's cursing house guest who likes to philosophize about some truly odd and frequently profane topics on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Take a look:

Right now, according to TVLine, it looks like the episode that will bring fans this father-son reunion is likely to be Episode 5, which will also feature the first episode that Lamorne Morris (who plays Winston) has directed for the comedy. We don't know just yet when the final, eight-episode season of New Girl will debut on Fox, but be sure to bookmark our 2018 midseason premiere guide so you can keep up with all the new and returning shows of early next year.

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