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Sons Of Anarchy's Mayans Spinoff Is Finally Moving Forward At FX

It's celebration time for TV viewers who miss the sound of So-Cal motorcycle engines and the sight of leather jackets and greasy hair. The Sons of Anarchy universe is finally expanding beyond its Charming origins, and FX has officially put in a series order for the long-gestating spinoff Mayans MC, which will debut on the cable network at some point in 2018.

FX is perhaps being a little more cautious with Mayans MC than it was with the flagship Sons of Anarchy series, with this initial season getting ten episodes, as opposed to 13. It's always hard to gauge how well a TV spinoff will do, and even though Sons of Anarchy was one of the most popular cable dramas of all time, there's no guarantee that viewers will immediately bounce back for the follow-up series, since the all-important Teller family isn't involved. (Not that any of the adults are still alive or anything.)

As created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James, Mayans MC will be set at the border between California and Mexico, where life is seemingly never not hectic. Without Jax Teller around, Mayans MC's resident hot-headed ladies man will be JD Pardo's EZ Reyes, whose first look image can be seen above. He's just getting out of prison when the series will begin, and as a prospect in the local Mayans MC charter, EZ is actively trying to leave behind a past where he fell just short of reaching the metaphorical American Dream. He's intent on making others forget it, too, by proving himself as a badass outlaw.

Unfortunately, that first look image doesn't do very much to introduce us to the rest of this cast of characters. As some might recall, Mayans MC went through a bit of a casting shakeup prior to the most recent pilot being filmed. (The first pilot, filmed in the first chunk of 2017, was pushed aside for retooling efforts.) Beyond JD Pardo, the current cast list includes Battlestar Galactica vet Edward James Olmos, Into the Badlands' Sarah Bolger, American Crime actors Clayton Cardenas and Richard Cabral, The Unit's Michael Irby, and more. Those hoping O.G. character Marcus Alvarez will return to the franchise are in luck, as he'll reportedly also be along for part of the ride.

With its new pilot directed by Norberto Barba, who will also serve as executive producer, Mayans MC will hopefully be heading to FX sooner in 2018, rather than later. Its ten-episode season would make it a perfect summer drama, right?

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Nick Venable
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