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Wait, Is 19 Kids And Counting Getting A Spinoff?

While a TV spinoff is usually put together to extend the popularity and fortune of an existing franchise, that’s not exactly how this story will play out. As the spiral of controversy continues its downward path for TLC following the 19 Kids and Counting scandal involving Josh Duggar, the network is weighing its options in handpicking a few of the more wholesome Duggar family members for a spinoff series. Is anyone surprised by this?

Two of the people in the conversations about a spinoff are Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, according to Us Weekly. No big shocks there, since the duo were at the center of one of TLC’s most successful telecasts ever, with their marriage episode last October bringing in over 4 million viewers and vaulting TLC to the top of the cable networks for the night. Jill and Derick were virgins who hadn’t even kissed or properly hugged one another, and it’s hard to think of something less salacious than their relationship. TLC is obviously hoping that their audiences want to continue following their romance as they raise their new baby.

On the flip side, fans who have grown tired of Jill and Derick’s lives taking the spotlight may be pleased to know that fellow couple Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are also in the spinoff talks. It was announced last month that Jessa is pregnant, with a due date matching the couple’s wedding date. If that’s not a sweeps week grabber, I don’t know what is.

Now, to be fair, TLC still hasn’t officially pulled the plug on 19 Kids and Counting following its removal from the schedule, but things aren’t looking good. Not counting the myriad petitions on both sides of the issue, the show has already lost a big chunk of its advertising backers, including General Mills, Choice Hotels, Walgreens and Payless.

What’s more, the state trooper that Jim Bob told about teenage Josh’s disturbing acts has come out in a new report contradicting the Duggar patriarch. Rather than hearing the whole story, Joseph Hutchens claims he was only told about a single instance of Josh touching an underage girl through her clothing while she slept, which played into why he decided to keep it to himself. Not exactly saintly behavior on his part, but it continues to put into question just how honest certain Duggar family members are, which definitely limits their favorable position to TV viewers.

It doesn’t seem like this scandal is anywhere near over yet, so it’s unclear when or if TLC will ever come to a decision. Meanwhile, Mama June is raising litigious hell with TLC over the cancelation of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo last year. Say, wasn’t that show supposed to also get a spinoff?

Nick Venable

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