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For TV fans, there are few more exciting times of year than fall premiere season. New shows debut, old shows return, primetime viewing isn’t comprised entirely of reality series and reruns…fall is a good time to be a viewer. Of course, Fall 2015 wasn’t terribly kind to fans of CBS’ 2 Broke Girls, who were saddened to discover that the show would not be returning to the airwaves until midseason. Fortunately, CBS has officially announced that 2 Broke Girls will be making an early return and its fifth season premiere will be on November 12.

2 Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as the titular financially struggling women. The sitcom is based in New York and follows roommates Max (Dennings) and Caroline (Behr) as they work in a local diner and search for ways to raise the money to start their own cupcake business. Over the four seasons to have aired so far, Max and Caroline have overcome the class differences in their backgrounds and had some success in their goal toward the success of their cupcake shop. The premise of two broke girls that makes up 2 Broke Girls, however, has not been lost as they continue to discover that fulfilling their dream is a lot trickier than they could have imagined.

The show debuted in Fall 2011, and has been successful enough to warrant five seasons. Although it has not always been a critical hit and has garnered its fair share of controversy thanks to its style of humor, the early announcement that it would be moved to a midseason time slot came as a surprise. Midseason can be known for returning shows as the slot where they are sent to stave off death after receiving limited episode orders; 2 Broke Girls felt far too successful to lose its fall premiere date.

As it happens, CBS had not made the switch because of any loss of faith in 2 Broke Girls but rather to debut a freshman series in an available primetime time slot. The new show – entitled Angel From Hell – will be a sitcom starring Jane Lynch of Glee fame in the lead role. According to TVLine, CBS shifted Angel From Hell to midseason and brought 2 Broke Girls back to a fall season premiere for the sake of putting some distance between the debuts of brand new series.

CBS already had one of the most anticipated lineups for the fall season. The Big Bang Theory comedy juggernaut shows no sign of slowing as Season 9 progresses, and the upcoming series premiere of Supergirl promises to bring CBS onto the map of genre television in a big way. 2 Broke Girls returning earlier than expected is a lucky twist for fans, as well as a show of faith in the future of the series.

2 Broke Girls returns to CBS on November 12 and will air on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. EST.

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