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Wait, Could Arrow Bring Back The Huntress In Season 6?

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Warning: spoilers ahead for the midseason premiere of Arrow Season 6, called "Divided."

Arrow kicked off the second half of Season 6 with an episode that finally revealed just how terrifying a team of supervillains can be in Star City. The combined forces of Cayden James, Black Siren, Vigilante, Richard Dragon, and Anatoly Knyazev made some big moves on the city, and the timing could not be worse for the good guys. Team Arrow is split in half, with the newbies leaving the group and Original Team Arrow moving forward on their own. After the events of "Divided," we have to wonder if Team Arrow will get an assist from an unexpected source: The Huntress.

The Huntress -- a.k.a. Helena Bertinelli -- was last seen back in the "Birds of Prey" episode of Season 2 after she was captured by Oliver following her mission to exact revenge on her father. She seemed surprisingly calm and reasonable after she succeeded in her mad quest to kill her dad, and she didn't give any sign that she intended to escape custody. For all we knew, Helena was going to serve her time in lockup, and the odds were pretty good that she'd be locked up for a long time after her many crimes. According to what happened in "Divided," however, we now know that's not the case.

In "Divided," a crime boss by the name of Jerry Bertinelli was approached by Cayden James, who wanted to strong-arm him into giving up his port. Bertinelli revealed that he's none other than Helena's cousin, going so far as to name a ship "Huntress" in her honor. Later, Bertinelli tried to recruit Oliver's help, arguing that Cayden James as their mutual enemy should make them allies. Oliver asked why Bertinelli couldn't just ask his cousin for help, forcing Bertinelli to admit that Helena had "gone underground."

Helena apparently escaped police custody at some point between the end of Season 2 and the midseason premiere of Season 6. Based on their conversation, Oliver knew that Helena was out but didn't seem all that concerned about what she might be doing. His casual suggestion that Bertinelli ask Helena for help could be a sign that Oliver has faith that she's one of the good guys now that she has enacted her revenge. If she was still a madwoman with a crossbow willing to shoot anybody and everybody in her way, Oliver probably would have tried to hunt her down and send her back to prison.

If Oliver is confident that Helena stopped wearing her crazypants, he may feel compelled to try and find her to recruit her help. After all, he did attempt to mend fences with Dinah, Curtis, and Rene despite their dramatic exits from Team Arrow once he realized that the good guys needed to pull out all the stops to stop the crew of supervillains. He could end up getting pretty desperate, and desperation could result in searching out and requesting the help of Helena as the Huntress. Who knows? Perhaps this is the same way Roy will come back.

Alternately, Helena could emerge from the woodwork once she receives word that her cousin was murdered by the group of villains. Revenge is her specialty, even if she didn't gain the satisfaction she was looking for out of killing her father. If she does feel the need to avenge Jerry Bertinelli's death, that could align her interests with what remains of Team Arrow, at least for a time. There are some perfectly reasonable and logical ways for Arrow to bring the Huntress back, and her return would definitely spice things up in the rest of Season 6.

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