How Taylor Kitsch Would Feel About A Friday Night Lights Reunion

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Fans can continue to beg for a Friday Night Lights reunion until the cows come home, but it'll probably never happen. Creator Peter Berg is against it, Kyle Chandler is against it, and recently Taylor Kitsch added his voice the list of stars who think the series should remain as is. Kitsch said no to returning to any reunion and explained his feelings and reasoning for wanting to leave his character, Tim Riggins, and the beloved series in the past:

No. I mean, you play a guy for four-plus years, and I feel we dived into it enough and explored that whole thing of not just Riggins but the stories in Dillon, that I don't know, I have such great closure and I think it ended on such a beautiful note that it's just like, I honestly don't know the point of doing it again. I have to look for new challenges as well.

Taylor Kitsch is far more interested in what lies ahead as opposed to what happened to Tim Riggins. Some Friday Night Lights fans may agree with his desire to leave the character alone, since the series ended with Riggins building a home on his land and possibly getting back together with Tyra. Historically, good things never seemed to last for Tim Riggins on the show, so any revival would surely set the character up for some downfall in its return. Given that, wouldn't it be nicer to just let sleeping dogs lie and, as Kitsch said to THR, keep the series' ending on a "beautiful note"?

Taylor Kitsch will probably get his wish, considering that enough decision makers are on the same page regarding a potential Friday Night Lights reunion. Should minds change though, and Kitsch be the last man standing in the way of a revival, he said he'd give his full blessing for the cast to move on without him:

I wouldn't be up in arms for a quarter second. I would wish them all the best, and I would be curious and watch it. I'm grateful for that time. I know it was a springboard for me, and Friday Night Lights has got such a cult following. People still stop me all the time on the street to talk about Riggins, but I think it's sometimes a beautiful thing just to let it be and realize that that was a time in your life where you grew as a person and as an actor. We had such a great set, and I still have amazing relationships with Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton and Derek Phillips, and that's what I'll take from it. There's no point for me to just relive something that feels like it went off into the sunset in the right way.

The good news is that Taylor Kitsch doesn't sound the slightest bit vindictive when it comes to him not joining any hypothetical Friday Night Lights reunion, and he noted strong relationships with former members of the cast. The bad news is, if a reunion ever does happen, the show will have to explain why Mr. "Texas forever," isn't around, which would be tricky to do without disappointing fans. Of course, chances of a reunion are incredibly slim to nil at the moment, so anyone worried about that shouldn't worry too long.

Taylor Kitsch will play cult leader David Koresh in Paramount Network's limited series Waco, which starts on Wednesday, January 24 at 10:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to check in with CinemaBlend here soon as we spoke to series' creators John Erick and Drew Dowdle and have some stories regarding its production on the way. For a look at what else is coming to television in early 2018, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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