The eleventh (and possibly final) season of The X-Files is in full swing on Fox, and a brand new midseason trailer has been released that teases just what we can expect from the upcoming episodes. The new footage indicates that we're in for a combination of Monster of the Week standalones and mythology developments, with plenty of Mulder, Scully, and Skinner to keep things going. Read on for our breakdown of the 10 craziest moments of the X-Files midseason trailer!

An Alien Gets An Autopsy

An alien will be getting sliced and diced in what remains of Season 11. On the one hand, an alien autopsy isn't exactly something that hasn't happened before on The X-Files, and the dated fashion combined with the glimpse of a young man smoking a cigarette hints that this particular autopsy happened long ago. On the other hand, the alien autopsy from the trailer is being aired in a season that is revisiting the possibility of alien DNA having a role in Scully's pregnancy (via the Cigarette-Smoking Man). If William is indeed a hybrid of sorts, this autopsy could be key to explaining how it all started.

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