Walker Skinner Flashes Back

And here we have our first look at a young Walter Skinner in Vietnam! Fans of The X-Files have known since the original run of the series that the Skinman fought in Vietnam when he was only 18-years-old and he went through an experience that shaped him for the rest of his life, but the show hasn't delivered many details. The Skinner-centric episode of The X-Files will take us back to a time when Skinner had a full head of hair, different glasses, and no idea that he would one day be stuck with two troublesome agents. Since the trailer seems to indicate that the Skinner-centric episode is the same one featuring Haley Joel Osment, the creepy woods monster, and potentially even the raw meat smoothie-lover, we can bet that Skinner's backstory is a lot weirder than any of us ever guessed.

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