Gilmore Girls Fans Used To Randomly Insult Matt Czuchry In Public

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The Resident's Matt Czuchry could be a bit of a jerk as Gilmore Girls' Logan Huntzberger, but the actor himself seems to be a pretty nice guy. Unfortunately, Gilmore Girls fans weren't keen on separating Czuchry from his character during the series' original run, and some would randomly approach the actor out in public and insult him. At first, Czuchry would be taken aback, thinking he'd personally wronged these people, but he soon learned he was just the target of scorned members of Team Jess and Team Dean.

In the first season, especially, people would just come up to me, just immediately without saying anything and say, 'You know, you're a real asshole.' That's what they would do. . . . I would ask them, 'Okay, why am I an asshole?' And they [would say], 'You know why you're an asshole.' And that was it. And then [they would say], 'Oh, I'm Team Jess,' or 'I'm Team Dean.' And I'd go, 'Oh, you're talking about the character on the show. I didn't know what was going on.' But literally, people would just come up to me and say how much of an asshole I was.

Obviously, Matt Czuchry's Logan had a tremendous impact on Gilmore Girls fans when he first appeared in Season 5. Still, the fact that anyone would randomly walk up to a stranger and call them an asshole without first explaining why is crazy! While also promoting his new Fox drama The Resident, Czuchry shared his unsettling anecdote with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, and as crazy as those encounters were, Czuchry said he took the situations with good humor once fans explained their allegiance to Rory's other suitors Jess and Dean. That doesn't mean it's suddenly cool for all Gilmore Girls fans to suddenly start cussing him out in public, by the way, because no one should ever do that. (And probably don't do it to Milo Ventimiglia or Jared Padalecki, either.)

While their vocal responses were inappropriate, Gilmore Girls fans' opinions about Logan weren't without sound reason, since he could be a bit of a jerk when he first debuted, and thereafter. To Team Jess and Dean fans, he was the new guy on the block standing in the way of a potential happy ending with another guy. Plus, it's not exactly fair that either should've had to compete with a guy who's not only attractive, but also obscenely rich!

Unfortunately, Matt Czuchry had no news on whether or not Gilmore Girls fans still call him an asshole in the aftermath of Netflix's Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. Logan did some pretty douchey things in the revival, like sleeping with Rory while he was engaged to another woman, but it's rather unclear whether acts like that count for or against his asshole status in the eyes of fans. With no new episodes on the horizon just yet, everyone should really reach a consensus on where they currently stand with Logan Huntzberger, if only to keep Czuchry from getting confused when he gets berated in public in the future.

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