Gilmore Girls' Matt Czuchry Is Dr. Beast Mode In New Trailer For New Show The Resident

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A new trailer for Fox's upcoming series The Resident, starring Gilmore Girls' Matt Czuchry and Revenge's Emily Vancamp (among others), has arrived. Watch Czuchry go Dr. Beast Mode below, and get a good look at a series that may not be your average medical drama:

There was so much that happened in that trailer, it's hard to imagine it only lasted a little over a minute! The Resident showcases Matt Czuchry as Dr. Conrad Hawkins, who appears to have the same brilliant streak of Dr. House meshed with the temper and cockiness of Dr. Cox. Considering the success both Scrubs and House had, that seems to be a good sign for both Czuchry and The Resident, provided the series is as energetic as this trailer. Audiences will get to judge for themselves when the show premieres this January on Fox. (Unless Dr. Hawkins demands that it be released at some other point, of course.

While Matt Czuchry takes center stage in the trailer, The Resident actually focuses on the lives of three doctors and one nurse developing their within the hospital. One, in particular, is Manish Dayal's Dr. Devon Pravesh, who is the first-year resident assigned to Dr. Hawkins. When the pilot for this show was first ordered, the series was said to be focused on Dr. Pravesh specifically, but it's possible the show has expanded focus along the way. The trailer also features the likes of veteran actor Bruce Greenwood, as well as Billions star and Black Panther actress Shaunette Renee Wilson. Revenge's Emily VanCamp is also along for the ride, so it looks like even if the story is a bit crazy for some viewers, the cast could certainly reel them in enough to keep everyone engaged.

For those hoping The Resident puts a positive spin on the medical profession, expectations should be measured. The show's description features a lot of talk about "drawing back the curtain" on what hospitals are really like, in both the good and bad ways, and that the practice of medicine is a business much like any other. Whether or not this show portrays the actual reality of hospitals will be left up to the real-life practitioners who watch the show to decide.

As mentioned, The Resident premieres on Fox this January, with no specific date yet set, so mark your calendar with a big giant "X" over January as to not forget. Conversely, CinemaBlend does offer helpful premiere guides (like our fall premiere guide) that prevent television lovers from soiling their beloved calendars due to ambiguous television premiere dates. If streaming dates are more of a problem, be sure to visit our Netflix guide and keep your calendars barren of any and all programming.

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