What Drew Barrymore Thinks Of Broad City And Possibly Making A Cameo

Drew Barrymore in Season 2 of The Santa Clarita Diet

Comedy Central is no stranger to major TV hits, as its hilarious and bonkers content is known to capture the attention and laughter of TV audiences. One of the network's current hits is Broad City, which follows two twenty-somethings trying to make it in New York City, while having as much fun and marijuana along the way as possible. The show's creators and stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer often poke fun at pop culture and celebrities, including actress Drew Barrymore. Abbi's character is particularly obsessed with Barrymore, referencing anything from her luggage to her impressive career. But would Barrymore be down to guest star on the series? Here's what she told us.

It's the coolest show in the world, with the coolest girls. It's like the hipster bible. And they in a weird way make fun of me, but also are being so funny and sweet and loving about it. I love it. So if they want me to come on, I am there the second they ask me to. I love them, and I would be thrilled to be on the show.

Load up a bong (metaphorically) and grab Bingo Bronson, because it looks like Drew Barrymore would be more than happy to appear in Broad City. And considering the show's penchant for booking awesome guest talent, it certainly seems like a strong possibility for future seasons.

While speaking with Drew Barrymore about the upcoming sophomore season of Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet, the conversation eventually turned to Broad City's multiple references to the 42-year-old actress. Broad City is a show that loves its recurring jokes, and Abbi's obsession with Drew is one that has popped up in multiple episodes. It all started with the episode "Wisdom Teeth" in Season 2, when Abbi got hers removed. While drugged up on the cab home, she did a loving impression of Barrymore, aided by the gauze in her mouth that helped her duplicate Barrymore's signature speaking style.

But the references didn't stop there. In Season 3's "Getting There", Abbi revealed that she purchased Drew Barrymore's favorite designer suitcase after reading a Refinery 29 story about it. The suitcase would become a recurring joke in Season 4 as well, once again hammering down how much Abbi's character (and no doubt Abbi Jacobson in real life) adores the Santa Clarita Diet actress.

You can check out my conversation with Drew Barrymore and co-star Timothy Olyphant below

It certainly seems like Drew Barrymore could pop up as herself in a future episode of Broad City. There has certainly been a precedent for this in the past, as Kelly Ripa hilariously played a fictionalized version of herself back in the show's sophomore season. Much like Barrymore, Ripa was down to clown, and was shown chugging moonshine, bullying Michael Strahan, and procuring male escorts. Considering the hilarious writing of the series, Broad City could definitely find something fun for Barrymore to do for a guest role.

You can catch Drew Barrymore in Netflix's The Santa Clarita Diet's first season now, and Season 2 will arrive in the coming months. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch, and our cancellation list to see if your favorite show got the chop last year.

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