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Now that New York's street-level heroes are an official team, with Frank Castle taking center stage elsewhere in The Punisher, the time has come to return to some fan-favorite solo series. Chief among these is Jessica Jones, which will return for Season 2 later this spring. The first trailer for the new run of episodes finally dropped, and while it looks insanely exciting, it also raises some significant questions about what to expect from the new season. So let's dive into these pressing queries by kicking things off with Trish Walker's role in Season 2.

Trish Walker Jessica Jones

Will Trish Actually Become Hellcat?

As a trauma survivor, Rachael Taylor's Trish Walker has shown herself to be a scrappy and capable woman from her earliest appearances on Jessica Jones. That idea was then taken to the next level during the latter half of Jessica Jones' first season when Trish got her first taste of heroism in combat against Nuke (Will Traval). Comic fans know that Trish Walker (sometimes called Patsy Walker) doubles as the costumed hero known as Hellcat, and Jessica Jones' Season 2 trailer suggests that she wants to step into that role as a direct "sidekick" for Jessica (Krysten Ritter). Does this mean that we will definitively get a straight adaptation of Hellcat in Season 2? We are not quite sure at this stage, but the trailer presents it as a major possibility to watch out for when the season debuts.

Jessica Jones Krysten Ritter

How Did Kilgrave Come Back?

The final moments in the Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer stand out as some of the most interesting because of what they seem to promise for the new run of episodes. More specifically, it shows a strange purple glow enveloping Jessica as an obscure figure claps at her arrival. Of course, most of us came to the conclusion that it's none other than David Tennant's Kilgrave returning for Season 2. That technically should be impossible when we consider Jessica snapped his neck at the end of Season 1---although we knew Tennant had shown up on set with an official image later released, so this reveal isn't necessarily a surprise. The trailer also refers to Jessica's resurrection after her car accident, so was the same technology used to bring back one of Marvel's best villains? Or is he just all in her head?

Jeri Hogarth Jessica Jones

Who Is Jeri Hogarth Kissing?

The last relationship that we saw for Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Ann Moss) on Jessica Jones ended on the wrong end of a kitchen knife, but it looks like the high-powered attorney has finally decided to get back out into the dating world in Season 2. One thing that we still don't know, however, is who this new flame actually is, and how she relates to Jeri's life. By her very nature, Jeri has been somewhat harder to get on board with; she's far colder and more calculating than many other characters in the Jessica Jones corner of Marvel's Netflix universe. But here, she seems to have genuinely let her armor down and embraced someone into her life, and her trailer presence alludes to her importance. How will this mystery woman actually factor into the events of Jessica Jones Season 2? We don't know, but we want to find out.

Jessica Jones Krysten Ritter

How Was Jessica Affected By The Defenders?

None of these Netflix series exist in a bubble. Even with minimal connections to the movies, a show like Jessica Jones still exists within the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly within the Netflix shows. When we last saw Jessica kicking ass and taking names, she was doing it alongside the other members of the ragtag Defenders squad. Now that such adventures are in her rear-view, we want to know how any of those plotlines, as well as working as a team player, fundamentally impacted Jessica's personality and who she is as a human being. The trailer references explicitly the fact that she has started to do more "superhero shit" in her career as a private detective, so the central question of the hour is about how she has evolved since we last saw her.

Jessica Jones Iron Fist Daredevil Luke Cage The Defenders

Will The Other Heroes Show Up?

Season 1 of Jessica Jones was important not just because it helped introduce the hard-drinking private detective to audiences, but also because it served as the proper introduction to Mike Colter's Luke Cage. With Season 2 on the horizon, we're wondering if _Jessica Jones _will continue to embrace heroes outside of its titular heroine. Jessica needed quite a bit of convincing to sign onto the membership roster in The Defenders, but she eventually learned how to become a proper team player by the time the ensemble's first season had come to an end. Now that she fully knows about the other heroes roaming the streets of New York City, will she enlist their help in order to take down this latest threat?

Jessica Jones Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, March 8, at 12:01 a.m. As for all of the other shows that are debuting this spring, you can hop over to our midseason premiere guide to check them out. Beyond that, if you want to hear more of what we have to say about anything and everything in the streaming world, then you can listen to the most recent episode of The Cord Cutter Podcast.