Riverdale Just Delivered 5 Crazy Twists That Totally Blew Our Minds

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Riverdale episode "Chapter 26: The Tell-Tale Heart." Read at your own risk!

Riverdale just revealed a lot in its latest episode, "Chapter 26: The Tell-Tale Heart." While some of the episode's events may not have a lasting impact on the series, all of them blew our minds. We've put together a list of the top 5 crazy twists from "The Tell-Tale Heart" that really have us wondering where Season 2 is going next. Take a look!

Mayor Mccoy Sheriff Keller Riverdale The CW

Mayor McCoy Resigned

Riverdale's Mayor McCoy decided to step down from her position after Hiram and Hermione Lodge planned to expose her secret affair with Sheriff Keller. Luckily, Veronica was there to intervene and warn McCoy about their plan prior to the information leaking out. With no other solution, McCoy left office so that her secret wouldn't destroy her family and she would no longer be under the Lodge family's thumb. Sierra McCoy may not be off the hook, however, as Jughead noted she took a lot of campaign money from the Lodge family in exchange for making a bulk of city property available for them to purchase. Should the Lodges ever get caught, ex-Mayor McCoy could certainly find herself caught up in whatever legal trouble comes their way down the road.

Chic Hart Denton Riverdale The CW

Chic Is 100% Crazy

Riverdale fans might've already assumed from Chic's other actions he had a screw or two loose, but this episode proved the Cooper son is off-the-rails crazy. Beyond the fact that he murdered a drug dealer who Betty later discovered he invited to the Cooper house, Chic was the master of manipulation this episode as he played Alice against Betty and Betty against Hal. Chic was eerily calm in the days following his killing of the drug dealer, which makes us wonder whether or not it's something he's done before. Let's also not forget his obsession with the Cooper women. The episode's final Chic scene showed the boy cutting Hal out of a picture of Betty, Alice, and Polly. Is it a coincidence the Black Hood killings have stopped with Chic's arrival? We can only wait and see.

Hal Cooper Riverdale The CW

Betty's Dad Is Fooling Around With Cheryl's Mom

Hal's been out of the Cooper household for awhile, and apparently, he hasn't been all that faithful to his wedding vows. Cheryl spotted Hal and her mother Penelope getting a little too close at the house, and when Cheryl called her mother out on it, Penelope declared she thinks she's in love. It seemed like things could be headed for a dramatic turn with that revelation, although it's clear Hal doesn't feel the same way as he was really quick to cut things off when Betty threatened to expose the affair. Much like her daughter, Penelope doesn't back down easily, so we'll have to wait and see if that's truly the end of things between the two.

FP Jones Skeet Ulrich Riverdale The CW

F.P. Helped Betty And Alice Cover Up The Murder

Betty and Alice needed to hide the body of the guy Chic killed, so naturally, they called the only guy in town who's been convicted of trying to dispose of a body. F.P. Jones coming into the loop might have actually been a good idea, as Jughead's dad knew everything to do this time around to ensure this body doesn't get found. Once the deed was done, F.P. and Alice took Betty and Jughead to Pop's, presumably a murder cover-up milkshake, but the real kicker came when F.P. touched Alice's hand. Once again Riverdale is dropping hints about a romantic past between the two, and at this point, we'd be crazy to not at least suspect F.P. is Chic's real father.

Agent Adams Riverdale The CW

Agent Adams Was A Lie

In the biggest moment of the night, Riverdale revealed that Agent Adams is not an actual F.B.I. agent, but instead a Capo for the Lodge family mafia. While Archie looked like he was making the biggest mistake of his life trusting the Lodge family over the F.B.I., the move may have saved his life as Hermione Lodge revealed the deception to the boy right next to a cliffside with a sizable drop. Archie successfully won the trust of the Lodge family and now Hiram and Hermione are ready to fully bring him in on the operation. Still, is that something Archie wants? We all know he'll do just about anything for Veronica. Archie just may no be hardened enough to "whack" a guy if called upon to do so.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW. For information on new shows and where to find them, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. Those looking for more Riverdale stuff to read should check out our predictions for who the actual Black Hood is, as we're totally not buying that school janitor reveal.

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