Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Riverdale episode "Chapter 26: The Tell-Tale Heart." Read at your own risk!

Riverdale just revealed a lot in its latest episode, "Chapter 26: The Tell-Tale Heart." While some of the episode's events may not have a lasting impact on the series, all of them blew our minds. We've put together a list of the top 5 crazy twists from "The Tell-Tale Heart" that really have us wondering where Season 2 is going next. Take a look!

Mayor McCoy Resigned

Riverdale's Mayor McCoy decided to step down from her position after Hiram and Hermione Lodge planned to expose her secret affair with Sheriff Keller. Luckily, Veronica was there to intervene and warn McCoy about their plan prior to the information leaking out. With no other solution, McCoy left office so that her secret wouldn't destroy her family and she would no longer be under the Lodge family's thumb. Sierra McCoy may not be off the hook, however, as Jughead noted she took a lot of campaign money from the Lodge family in exchange for making a bulk of city property available for them to purchase. Should the Lodges ever get caught, ex-Mayor McCoy could certainly find herself caught up in whatever legal trouble comes their way down the road.

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