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Stranger Things took the streaming world by storm when it debuted the first season on Netflix back in 2016, but it left plenty of fans upset by the end due to the fate of poor Barb. The best friend of one of the main characters (and arguably the character with the most cringeworthy 80s fashion), Barb was killed by the Demogorgon in only the third episode after being snubbed by Nancy, leading many viewers to call for #JusticeForBarb on social media. Actress Shannon Purser didn't reprise the role for Season 2 -- what with Barb being dead and all -- but a recent stop at Starbucks proved that some still remember Barb. Take a look:

Apparently, one Starbucks barista still isn't 100% over Barb's death in Stranger Things Season 1, as Shannon Purser discovered and shared on Twitter. While that might sound somewhat extreme given that Season 1 debuted back in July 2016, Barb's death was pretty unforgettable. After cutting her hand, Barb was yanked down into a pool and into the Upside Down. Trapped in the Upside Down version of an empty pool, Barb had no way of escaping the Demogorgon when it came after her, and she was brutally killed. Her fate only got more disgusting when Eleven discovered her body in the Void, rotting and with a mysterious Upside Down slug sliding out of her mouth. Love Barb, hate Barb, or feel indifferent about Barb, you have to admit that she didn't deserve the death she got.

Of course, Barb isn't the only Stranger Things to bite the dust in an especially unfair way. I've been mourning Benny since he was shot in the head for helping Eleven way back in the very first episode, and plenty of people are still upset about the fate of poor Bob in Season 2. Played by the always lovable Sean Astin, Bob was gruesomely killed by demo-dogs just when it seemed like he was free and clear. In fact, one person on social media mistook the message on Shannon Purser's cup as one in honor of Bob instead of Barb. Check it out:

Yes, some fans believe that the time has come to stop mourning Barb and move on to mourning Bob. Given how Season 2 did manage to deliver justice for Barb in the form of Nancy and Jonathan exposing Hawkins Lab for causing Barb's death, maybe Stranger Things fans should turn their passions to seeking justice for Bob. I've come to terms with the fact that Benny will never get his justice, but hopefully Bob won't be forgotten in Season 3. At least Mike, Will, and the other kids seemed determined to remember him as a superhero who saved their lives rather than just a Radio Shack manager.

Unfortunately, we may be waiting a while before we get Stranger Things Season 3. Rumor has it that filming will start in March or April, and one producer has already revealed that Will is going to catch a break, but not much is really known of what's to come. David Harbour won't be good for too many spoilers. For what you can watch while we wait for Season 3, take a look at our 2018 midseason TV premiere guide and 2018 Netflix premiere schedule.

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