Preacher Season 3 Has Cast Jesse's Gran'ma And More Comic Characters

Preacher's Season 2 finale was a jaw-dropper of an episode and, somehow, sending an undead Adolf Hitler out into the modern world wasn't the most shocking bit. (It was definitely the weirdest, though.) Tulip's death, and Jesse's reaction, were both very surprising and intriguing, and everything hinted at the impending Season 3 arrival of Jesse Custer's comic book grandmother, Marie L'Angell, and her cohorts. Now we're pumped, as AMC has announced those and more characters' live-action iterations have been cast, with Eight Is Enough and Oz vet Betty Buckley taking on the role of the evil matriarch.

For whatever reason, AMC's Preacher apparently isn't using the name Marie L'Angell, and the Tony-winning Betty Buckley will technically be playing the role of "Gran'ma," Jesse's only living relative. She'll undoubtedly play into Tulip's immediate future, as Gran'ma will be a spiritist with the ability to bring people back from the dead, among other talents. Such a feat doesn't come cheap, though, and she will either take your money or, if that payment can't be made, she'll take your soul and use it to keep her youth eternal. Gran'ma is a real tough sumbitch, but she's wise beyond most people's years. Buckley, who most recently had roles in Supergirl and M. Night Shyamalan's Split, is set as a series regular, so we'll likely see quite a bit from her.

Falling Skies vet Colin Cunningham, who most recently starred in Syfy's bonkers Blood Drive, is joining Preacher as TC, the Southern-fried caretaker and loyal enforcer for Gran'ma. TC may come across as a good ole boy, but he's not one to be crossed or dismissed. Or trusted, really, at least by anyone other than the members of this ethically limited gang. Plus, TC has got the bad habit of wanting to have sex with just about anything he comes across -- human, animal, plants, etc. -- and given what we've seen from the live-action series in the past, we can bet that TC won't be any more innocent on TV. Cunningham was added as a series regular, so expect to see TC's unique tastes quite a bit.

Actor Jeremy Childs is possibly best known to TV fans for his roles on two musically focused dramas, Nashville and Sun Records, but that won't be the case when he joins Preacher in Season 3. As Gran'ma's other enforcer Jody, Childs will absolutely get down with some beats, but they'll be of the more violent variety. Large and intimidating, Jody is the only person that Jesse hasn't ever beaten in a fight, which definitely doesn't bode well for anyone else who dares piss him off. As Jody, Childs will also be a recurrent guest star.

Remember those flashbacks Preacher gave us showing Jesse as a boy, going through that totally messed-up waterbound punishment? We'll likely see more flashbacks in Season 3, as evidenced by the casting of Liz McGeever, also a recurring guest star. She'll play Christina, and though the announcement isn't very clear about it, this was Jesse's mother in the comics. Christina plays a big role in her family business, though she wishes for nothing more than to protect her child and leave the rest of her current life behind. It'll be interesting to see how much of Jesse's past gets depicted throughout Season 3, and what other characters might show up.

Preacher Season 3 is currently in production in New Orleans, with a premiere date on AMC coming later this year. While waiting to see who's coming next, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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