How Legends of Tomorrow's Human Gideon Will Next Play Into The Story

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Actress Amy Pemberton will soon arrive on DC's Legends of Tomorrow as an in-the-flesh version of the Waverider's Gideon, and actress Tala Ashe has an answer for why it's happening. The Zari portrayer revealed why this visual version of Gideon will once again take human form (hopefully in the real world this time) for the episode "Here I Go Again," and it appears Gideon will end up helping Zari work through some things. According to Ashe:

[It] is very much about Zari and her learning her place within the team, and Gideon's basically manifested herself to help her figure out where she fits in the team. Given the context of [it], I think she will initially be quite pissed off. . . . The way that Gideon enters Zari's world is perplexing and makes her pretty mad at first!

So Gideon is taking human form to help Zari figure out how she fits on the team, but how will she do that? That's the million dollar question, and readers will notice Tala Ashe was way less forthcoming about how Gideon will appear in human form once again. Ashe did drop a clue to TVLine that whatever Gideon does initially pisses Zari off, so maybe Gideon pops up somewhere Zari didn't expect her to?

To date, Gideon has only been capable of assuming human form in the dreams of members of the Waverider, so its possible this is how Gideon and Zari come face to face in Legends of Tomorrow. If Zari were having some super personal dream that tapped into her insecurity over not feeling like part of the Waverider crew, she would certainly be embarrassed for Gideon to see that. Zari is definitely the kind of person who masks her true feelings behind a outward persona, so any revelation of her true self to Gideon would cause her to get heated.

It's a good thing Zari and Gideon are attacking this issue head-on, since Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has teased Zari won't be the only team member wondering what their purpose is in the near future. The Waverider will soon welcome Wally West, who's been on his own independent journey to find himself since the beginning of The Flash Season 4, and his presence will have other Waverider members like Amaya questioning their own effectiveness. After all, Wally was essentially written off The Flash because he was too useful, so we can only imagine him solving situations in a "flash" could make the rest of the crew a little insecure.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW on Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what else 2018 has to offer in terms of new and returning shows, such as Supergirl's return date, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. For a very convincing argument that explains why the show needs to keep John Constantine around, click here.

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