Watch NBA Players And Celebs React To Fergie's Unusual National Anthem

The National Anthem is a (sometimes controversial) cornerstone of modern sporting events. We have heard it so many times that it is hard not to know the words by heart. Having said that, we have seldom (if ever) listened to the iconic song uttered in the way that Fergie belted it out last night at the NBA All-Star game, and it seems that the folks in the arena immediately knew something was not quite right. Check out a video of hilarious reactions taken during the song, below.

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So, it is pretty clear that Fergie's odd rendition of the National Anthem did not go unnoticed by the people around her last night. Between players on both teams and members of the audience (stand-up comedy giant Chris Rock and Chance the Rapper both give a particularly awesome reaction), it looks like Fergie gave a cringe-worthy performance the likes of which many have never seen before. Like most of us, they all just seem awe-struck by the whole ordeal.

Of course, as is often the case in situations like these, the internet was quick to respond to that video of Fergie's take on the National Anthem. In particular, one humorous piece of commentary on the song highlighted the fact that the Grindhouse star's bizarre performance appears to have generated a near-unified consensus that it was not great.

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Then there were other responses as well. Specifically, another hilarious, Simpsons-inspired tweet about what the pop star's agent might be thinking right now.

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With all of that said, this is far from the first time that we have ever seen an odd situation go down during the National Anthem. Country music star Luke Bryan once kept the lyrics on-hand so he would not forget them during his performance, and two years ago an adorable little kid even got the hiccups while singing the patriotic tune in a baseball stadium full of people. There is almost certainly no shortage of weird or bizarre National Anthem stories in the world of pop culture, and Fergie's unique performance at the NBA All-Star game is merely the latest. Now, we will just have to wait and see what weird situation will happen next to dethrone her at some point.

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