How Much Money Netflix Is Paying Chris Rock For Two Stand-Up Specials

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Chris Rock has obviously been around for the last eight years, starring in movies like Grownups 2 and Top 5, hosting the Oscars and even producing shows like Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. However, what he hasn't been doing during that time is stand-up. Now, it looks as if the man will be back on the stage for some comedy, and he's getting paid a hefty sum to do so. In fact, he's reportedly making $40 million for just two specials.

Currently, Chris Rock has a brand new world tour in the works. Reports indicate that the longtime comedian has signed on with Netflix for two brand new comedy specials that will be taped as part of the world tour the man has planned for 2017. Reports indicate that each special will net Chris rock $20 million, or $40 million in total. We keep harping on this total because it's a pretty huge fee for a set of comedy specials. In fact, THR notes that if the numbers are true, Chris Rock will be netting more money for the two Netflix specials than any other comedian has for a comedy special, ever.

This would put him ahead of the likes of Amy Schumer, Louis C.K. and many, many more a-lister comedians, who have also put together TV specials over the years. While known for original dramas and comedies, Netflix also has a pretty large slate of comedian specials that can be perused on the streaming service. Clearly, it seems they really wanted what Chris Rock had to offer. In fact, Netflix wasn't the only one bidding for the specials; multiple networks were going after the contract---including HBO, where previous Chris Rock specials have aired---which likely contributed to why so much money was eventually shelled out for the specials.

Still, Chris Rock returning to stand-up is a big deal. I'm not sure if it's a $40 million dollar deal, but it is a big deal. The man hasn't done a stage tour in nearly a decade. He's also been a little more prominent in recent months, following his well-received tenure as the Oscars host this year. Clearly, Netflix really wanted the rights to the tour footage, and they got it.

Currently no tour dates have been set, so we don't know when the currently untitled Chris Rock specials will see the light of day. When they do hit the streaming service, they will join a slew of other comedy special already available on Netflix, including specials starring Hannibal Burress, Jen Kirkman, Aziz Ansari, Chelsea Peretti, Nick Offerman and many, many more.

The move also will mark Chris Rock's return to Netflix, as the actor and comedian also appeared in A Very Murray Christmas on the streaming service. To find out what Netflix has coming up in 2017, check out our Netflix TV premiere schedule.

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