The Flash's Jesse Quick Is Heading To Legends Of Tomorrow For A Certain Reunion

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Jesse Wells, a.k.a. Jesse Quick, has been largely absent from the Arrow-verse lately, but will soon make her return in an upcoming Season 4 episode of The Flash. After that, she's going to pop by Legends of Tomorrow for a reunion with her ex-boyfriend Wally West, which should go great. Will these two meta lovebirds be able to sort out their differences? Fans will have to find out when actress Violett Beane makes an appearance on the episode "Necromancing The Stone."

The stone isn't the only thing that could use some necromancy, as Jesse and Wally's relationship has been dead ever since she sent him that breakup cube via her father on The Flash. The two haven't been seen on screen together since, although Wally did say he made a trip over to Earth-2 to talk to Jesse after his breakup cube malfunctioned. TVGuide reported Legends of Tomorrow fans will get the lowdown on what all was left unsaid between these two when "Necromancing The Stone" airs Monday, March 19.

It's possible that Jesse's timing couldn't have been worse as the speedster will arrive not long after Wally becomes a full-time member of the Legends of Tomorrow team. While having two speedsters on board the Waverider might be more help than the Legends need in their ongoing battle with Mallus, it won't do them much good if both of them are acting angsty about a breakup that was handled in one of the worst ways possible. Seriously Jesse, in what world is it okay to break up with anyone by having your dad deliver the message?

While it's good news that Jesse and Wally are finally going to address the collapse of their relationship for viewers to see, it's a shame this has to happen on Legends of Tomorrow. After all, this relationship budded, peaked, and fizzled out on The Flash, and while there's bound to be some crossover fans between the two shows, there are likely going to be some people who will miss out on the resolution between these two. That is, unless Jesse can win Wally back and get him to leave the Waverider, which is something that could happen past Season 3. Even though he's been on a long journey of self-discovery since she left, it feels like Wally would get back together with Jesse if she wanted that to happen, so we'll just have to wait and see what she has to say when she arrives.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. The Arrow-verse isn't the only shows on television pumping out new episodes, as plenty more show premiere dates and returning favorites are still due to premiere in 2018. Keep up with what all is happening in the coming months by visiting our midseason premiere guide.

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