When Legends Of Tomorrow's Franz Drameh Will Return As Jax

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Yet another former Legends of Tomorrow hero will return to the Waverider in Season 3. On the boot-heels of The CW's reveal that Jonah Hex will be back for the show's Season 3 finale, CinemaBlend has confirmed that Franz Drameh will return to the role of Jefferson "Jax" Jackson in that same episode, set to air in April. Drameh's return will interrupt what will be a four-month absence from the series, and the question now is how long will Jax be around?

Details are sparse on Jax's re-arrival in Legends of Tomorrow's Season 3 finale, and one has to wonder what good the powerless former hero will be to the group without his other half, Martin Stein. Jax will join Jonah Hex and possibly John Constantine as one of the show's returning faces for the finale, which will presumably show the heroes' final battle with the Time Demon Mallus. As things currently stand, Jax really can't be much help on the super-side, unless the Legends somehow got access to the Fire Totem, in which case he'd be the ideal candidate to wield its power in a flame-covered throwdown.

Jax returning to Legends of Tomorrow at the end of Season 3 opens up some speculation that the hero (and actor) could be back on board in a regular capacity should Season 4 happen. If Jax does have the fire totem, he'd no longer have to worry about needing a partner to become Firestorm, which would make him a viable member once again.

Of course, that might mean one of the new members would have to hit the road, as not to overpopulate, which could make sense of Brandon Routh's recent comment about Wally West only temporarily being a part of the team, even though Keiynan Lonsdale was added as a regular. It might suck to see Wally go, considering he wasn't getting much face time on The Flash prior to joining the series, but if his exit means Jefferson would be back in the saddle, most Legends of Tomorrow fans would likely choose to cope with the speedster's exit. Not that Wally would be the only candidate for removal, if that would happen.

In any case, there's nothing to indicate Jax's appearance is more than a one-off appearance, however, and it's equally as likely the hero could return and be gone again once the threat with Mallus is over. Franz Drameh doesn't appear to have any upcoming projects on his plate, although his wife did give birth not that long ago. Whatever agreement Drameh and Legends of Tomorrow worked out will likely be revealed by the time the Season 3 finale has ended, which hopefully won't involve Jax making a more permanent exit.

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