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Legends of Tomorrow has had a lot of surprising faces show up in Season 3, so it'd be weird if the show's writers didn't find a way to work in their seasonal appearance of Jonah Hex. Not one to disappoint, The CW has confirmed that Hex will return to the series before the season is up, and the episode he appears in should get fans even more excited. CinemaBlend has learned that Hex will return to the series in the Season 3 finale, presumably to aid the Legends in their fight against the time demon Mallus.

Not much is known about actor Johnathon Schaech's guest starring role beyond that, but historically Jonah Hex has only been featured in Legends of Tomorrow episodes set in the old West. A recent photo from the show's official Instagram more or less confirmed the Waverider crew will travel to the old West in the Season 3 finale, as the cast took a group photo all decked out in cowboy gear:

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Assuming Mallus isn't defeated prior to the Season 3 finale, the old West is an odd choice for the backdrop of the final battle between the time demon and the Legends. That said, another picture from the finale revealed a completely difficult locale than the old West, so its possible this final battle with Mallus may stretch across different times. If that's the case, perhaps Hex's role in Legends of Tomorrow's Season 3 finale won't be quite as sizable as it was in past episodes he was featured in, although we have no way of saying that for sure at this point. Hex is a crack shot and his skills could be put to good use in this battle, but can a Time Demon be shot and killed when he's already technically dead?

Jonah Hex is added to the list of heroes set for the season finale, as a photo from Nick Zano's Instagram appeared to show Constantine just over the actor's shoulder. With Hex confirmed and Constantine unofficially seeming to be a part of things, one has to wonder if the Legends of Tomorrow season finale will go all out with hero help in destroying Mallus and throw Jesse Quick in there for good measure. Quick was confirmed for an upcoming episode of the series just like the past two, and if she still has unfinished business with her ex-boo Wally West, one could see her sticking around to lend a hand to the team.

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