Legends Of Tomorrow Is Bringing Constantine Back For More Season 3 Action

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for the Legends of Tomorrow episode "Daddy Darhkest*. "*Read at your own risk!

Legends of Tomorrow fans who enjoyed John Constantine in the show's midseason premiere "Daddy Darhkest," will be happy to know that the warlock's exit from the Waverider at the end of the episode will only be temporary. CinemaBlend has confirmed that Constantine is coming back to Season 3 action to continue the fight against Mallus and that fans will see him back in action in episode 15. That's great news for the Legends, since if ever there were an episode where they needed Constantine's help, it'd be during the one titled "Necromancing The Stone."

As for whether or not John Constantine will be back before or after episode 15 remains to be seen; The CW would only confirm actor Matt Ryan for that single additional episode of Legends of Tomorrow. To be honest, the confirmation wouldn't seem suspicious in its wording had an Instagram post from actor Nick Zano not already hinted that Constantine's trip on the Waverider may extend beyond episode 15. Take a look at this picture Zano claimed is from the Season 3 finale, and look over his shoulder to see who's lurking in the background:

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Either Nick Zano didn't fully realize what episode he was shooting that day, that's Rip Hunter behind him in an elaborate disguise, or Matt Ryan will be appearing as John Constantine in the Season 3 finale of Legends of Tomorrow. The news is not all that surprising, considering Mallus will be one of the few opportunities for the Arrow-verse to bring in Constantine without things feeling forced, but why not confirm his appearance in the finale when the evidence is right on Zano's Instagram? Also, if The CW isn't willing to confirm Constantine will be around in the Season 3 finale of Legends of Tomorrow, what other surprise appearances by him could the network be hiding?

If Mallus is really a "demon of the highest order," as Constantine said he was, there's no reason the warlock shouldn't be hanging out with the Waverider crew until this mess is sorted out. Of course, he has his own stuff going on, so his brief absence is ok in the short term, considering fans know he's going to come back to Legends of Tomorrow by at least episode 15. The chances of the Legends taking on yet another demon after Season 3 would seem slim, so we can only hope the show's writers are using every chance they can to work Constantine into this storyline!

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