Could Stranger Things Become A Franchise? Here's What The Producer Says

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Netflix has forever changed the world of television. After debuting original content a few years ago, streaming service are popping up everywhere, resulting in a TV renaissance. One of Netflix's biggest hits is The Duffer Brothers' Stranger Things. The sci-fi period piece has a ton of heart and a fantastic multi-generational cast, and remains at the center of pop culture as we know it. As such, it would make sense if Netflix wanted to expand the series, with possible spinoffs making Stranger Things into a bonafide franchise. Producer and director Shawn Levy was recently asked about this possibility, saying:

The notion of a franchise didn't exist at Netflix before Stranger Things. And we've certainly seen our growth as we move into merchandising, as we move into partnerships, and promotional partnerships. We don't speak of it as franchise. We definitely want to do several more seasons. Beyond that, certainly this has become one of the flagship brands of Netflix. And they would like to see us telling these stories in whatever ways, and for as many years as possible.

Shawn Levy seems to be playing with fans' emotions, and being about as cryptic as possible regarding the future of the Stranger Things brand. While no spinoffs or other shows are currently in the works, it doesn't appear to be totally out of the question.

Shawn Levy is a major figure in the Stranger Things world, serving as both a producer and frequently directing episodes of the Netflix original series. So if there were any plans to expand the series, he'd know about it. His comments to Comic Book also point out how in some ways Stranger Things in some ways is already a franchise. The Duffer Brothers looked at Season 2 more like a sequel than a second season, even referring to it exclusively as Stranger Things 2. But the future of the beloved show is truly unclear.

Before the release of Stranger Things 2, the Duffer Brothers made a serious of comments about how long the series would run on Netflix. It seemed that they were only planning to keep the series going through Season 5, having no interest in the indefinite storytelling of Hawkins, Indiana. But a possible spinoff or full on franchise might be a way for the group to continue producing awesome content on Netflix, while not having to worry about continuing the narrative of Stranger Things. The original series could end, and then a spinoff could be developed a la Game of Thrones.

Narratively there seems to be a few ways Stranger Things could expand through a spinoff. Eleven's "sister" Kali could get her own series, as her capsule episode was a highlight of Season 2. We could also travel back in time to see how Hawkins Lab ended up stealing and experimenting on children. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Stranger Things' first two seasons are available in their entirety on Netflix. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch. And check our superhero premiere list and Amazon premiere list to make sure you don't miss a single episode.

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