3 New Characters Headed To Stranger Things In Season 3

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Season 3 of Stranger Things is going to feature three new characters. Much like Season 2, the Duffer brothers are adding some fresh faces from Hawkins, Indiana, that will undoubtedly get wrapped up in the town's ongoing situation with the Upside Down. As far as who is getting involved, fans can expect to see Hawkins' mayor, a news reporter, and a sweet little old lady to join the crew in whatever is happening in Season 3.

The first character, Mayor Larry Kline, is described as the typical smooth talking politician of the '80s aged somewhere between his 40s or 60s. He's also described as self-serving and pathetic, which makes it sound as though he's going to be a problem for Hopper, the kids, and everyone else in Hawkins trying to stop the Upside Down. Given the craziness that's happened in the town thus far, it's a little surprising Stranger Things hasn't introduced the Mayor of Hawkins sooner. Either this mayor is the most oblivious guy in town, or he's on the Hawkins payroll, and neither presumption sounds like something that will play in our heroes' favor.

The second character ThatHashtagShow says Stranger Things Season 3 will be adding is a morally corrupt news reporter by the name of Bruce. Bruce is a fifty-something sexist who is overweight and not a big fan of keeping clean. Given his character description and lack of a last name, Bruce sounds as though he could be a minor antagonist that makes for good fodder should the minions of the Upside Down invade and need to kill someone. Of course, perhaps we shouldn't assume Bruce will be the sacrificial lamb this season just because he doesn't sound important. As Stranger Things proved last season, it's not afraid to off seemingly more important characters.

Last, but not least, there's Patricia Brown, who sounds as though she'll be a sizable player in Stranger Things Season 3. Patricia is an old woman in her 70s who will befriend the children and offer them advice all while she tends to her garden. Patricia sounds as though she could be someone with information on the Upside Down, or perhaps just an innocent old woman who could be corrupted in the same way Will was. Maybe she's from the Upside Down? We have no way of knowing, but one thing that can be said is Patricia sounds like one of the more major characters joining the series in Season 3. Given that, fans should keep a watchful eye on her as its always the old lady no one suspects who ends up doing something crazy.

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