Warning: major spoilers ahead for the Star Wars Rebels series finale.

Star Wars Rebels has officially come to an end after four seasons on Disney XD, and the finale was an intense three-part affair that brought the story of Rebels to a largely definitive end. Most of the characters' storylines were brought to a conclusion by the end, and some big and/or burning questions were finally answered before the final credits rolled. Read on for a rundown of how Star Wars Rebels managed to answer significant questions in its grand finale!

What Happened To The Ghost Crew?

Fans of Star Wars Rebels have been wondering from the very beginning of the series what exactly happened to the Ghost crew that they don't appear in the original trilogy. The two Jedi were especially problematic, given that Luke was touted as "the last of the Jedi" by Yoda in Return of the Jedi. Luckily, the Rebels finale revealed what happened to the Ghost crew immediately after the successful liberation of Lothal all the way to the aftermath of the Battle of Endor. They all survived, although Ezra's whereabouts are currently unknown. Sabine intends to find him after he was traveled through hyperspace by mysterious space creatures. Zeb took Kallus back to Lira San. For her part, Hera survived the Battle of Endor, and she wasn't alone in the Ghost after the battle was done. Unbeknownst to the audience (and probably Kanan himself), Hera apparently had a bun in the oven when Kanan died, and she's the proud mom of young Jacen Syndulla.

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