The last several years have been exciting for Star Wars fans everywhere thanks to the release of new movies, a web series, and Star Wars Rebels on the small screen. Rebels premiered in 2014 and has spent four seasons filling in some of the biggest blanks in Star Wars canon in the years leading up to the original trilogy. Thanks to the canon reset following Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, it's possible for Rebels characters to pop up in future Star Wars stories set in pretty much any era. Although Star Wars Rebels will soon come to an end on Disney XD, here are 8 characters that should definitely appear in the movies.

Sabine Wren

The inclusion of Sabine in Star Wars Rebels has resulted in a lot of information about the Mandalorians in the aftermath of the Clone Wars, and she's a fabulous combination of warrior and artist. How many characters in the Star Wars universe have ever learned to master a lightsaber without the advantage of Force-sensitivity? As one of the young members of the Ghost crew, she could also reasonably still be alive and in action in the era of the sequel trilogy. Sabine could turn up in the next installment of that trilogy, if only for a minor role. Alternately, how about an anthology film about Mandalore?

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