Bruce Campbell Listened To Randy Savage Have Animalistic Sex On The Spider-Man Set

One of the most memorable scenes in 2002’s Spider-Man was when Peter Parker used his new abilities for the first time in public to earn some spending money. To do that, he had to get in the fighting ring with "Bone Saw" McGraw, played by wrestling star "Macho Man" Randy Savage. What you didn’t know is that when Savage wasn’t shooting his scenes, he was off "getting busy" in his trailer - a trailer he shared with Bruce Campbell, who played the ring announcer.

Campbell recounted to Yahoo! Movies how Savage would bring his girlfriend back to the trailer to engage in passionate sex, which Campbell had the misfortune of listening to. As the Evil Dead star colorfully explained:

It didn’t matter where I sat. There was some girlfriending happening right next door, but it’s like a duplex with no insulation. So yep. He had fun working on that movie.

Yeah, "having fun" is putting it lightly there, Bruce. At that time Savage wasn’t with his second wife Barbara Lynn Payne, so it’s unclear who this mystery woman was, though admittedly I briefly wondered whether it was one of the leather-clad ladies attending to McGraw in the movie. Campbell’s story led to his Ash vs. The Evil Dead costar Lucy Lawless to humorously speculate if the woman in the trailer was actually Savage’s acting coach helping him with his performance, which Campbell sarcastically admitted was a possibility.

In case you want to get the mental image of Savage having "animalistic sex" out of your head, take another look at his fight against The Human Spider…sorry, Spider-Man, which saw McGraw reduced to trying to take out his opponent with a chair and crowbar. Those didn’t work…

The first Spider-Man movie wasn’t the only time Bruce Campbell got to play around in Peter Parker’s life. He returned in Spider-Man 2 as the snooty usher that refused to let Peter into Mary Jane Watson’s play, and in Spider-Man 3 he was the maître d’ who Peter enlisted to help with his marriage proposal to Mary Jane.

Here's his complete interview with Yahoo:

Spider-Man is being rebooted next year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we doubt whether we’ll hear any stories this weird from behind the scenes. Disney probably doesn’t want those tales of passion getting leaked. As for Bruce Campbell, you can catch him reprising Ash on Ash vs. Evil Dead, which premieres on Starz this Halloween and has already earned a second season.

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