GIGANTIC SPOILERS ahead for the Season 11 finale of The X-Files, called "My Struggle IV." If you haven't had the chance to watch yet, feel free to check out some of our spoiler-free articles until you get to tune in.

Season 11 of The X-Files was a wild ride that pitted Mulder and Scully against some classic Monsters of the Week as well as forced them to face off against new shadowy agents with dark agendas of their own. Some of the episodes felt positively plucked from the series' original run in the '90s while some felt as though they belonged to another series entirely. The season finale -- and possibly series finale -- has finally aired, and it was pretty much the most WTF episode ever. Mulder and Scully were in action, William was in the mix, the Cigarette-Smoking Man came back, the Skinman was still in the middle of everything... basically, it was a wild hour of television. Read on for a rundown of the why the finale was so incredibly WTF:

William Is Immortal?

The Season 11 finale brought back William in a big way and revealed that his powers go a lot farther than simply manipulating what people can see. He can also use his mind to literally explode the bodies of other people, which he did to take out a bunch of bad guys (including Barbara Hershey's character) who were about to kill Mulder and abduct him. Mulder, Scully, and Skinner raced to try and track William down, but the Cigarette-Smoking Man and Monica Reyes were on the chase as well. Although William used his powers to take on the guise of Mulder and fool Scully, his plan backfired when he was cornered by CSM. Believing that William was Mulder, CSM just went ahead and shot him between the eyes, knocking him off a ledge into the water, apparently deceased. William certainly seemed to be super dead... until the episode revealed him bobbing up to the surface, perfect alive. Either one of William's powers is surviving shots to the head or William inherited his mom's likely (although unconfirmed) immortality.

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