Firefly Is Getting Booted From Netflix

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Netflix is the place to be when it comes to streaming TV shows, and its library of series is so vast that it's nearly impossible to choose what to watch. Unfortunately for any who will be in the mood for Firefly, Netflix will soon no longer be an option. The juggernaut streaming service is kicking Firefly out of its library, and we don't have much time before it's gone.

We have official confirmation that the first and only season of the cult favorite Firefly will be booted from Netflix on Saturday, April 1. There's only a little over a week left before subscribers will lose access to all 14 episodes of the short-lived series. If you're a fan who has been waiting to do a binge-watch or a newbie waiting for the perfect time to give the show a try, you may need to change your schedule.

Sadly, this is not an especially cruel early April Fools joke. Netflix is indeed getting rid of Firefly, and it's not the only sci-fi series that will soon be gone. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff Angel will be booted as well. Time is similarly running out for Roswell and Dollhouse. Finally - and perhaps most tragically, if you're a longtime fan like me - we're losing the first nine seasons of The X-Files on top of Firefly.

News of Firefly losing its place on Netflix naturally gives rise to the question of if there's any chance of a reboot or reunion any time soon. Mastermind Joss Whedon has already revealed that's he's wary about bringing casts together again for another batch of episodes, but members of the cast are still pretty enthusiastic about the possibility of returning to their roles. Leading man Nathan Fillion has apparently pitched the idea of a revival picking up on a moon in the middle of nowhere, with somebody knocking on Mal's door with a plea for help. The show does have the bragging rights as the series with the biggest IMDb cult following.

That said, fans have been hoping for a Firefly revival of some sort for years, and nothing has come to fruition. The cast is largely busy with other projects, and a lot of factors would need to fall into place for more Firefly. If only we could still count on Netflix as a place to get a Firefly fix!

Luckily for any who grow truly desperate for more Firefly after it leaves Netflix on April 1, there will still be a safe haven for fans online. The full first season is available streaming to Hulu subscribers. Of course, that's not the best news for folks who only subscribe to Netflix, but at least Firefly will still be out there, streaming somewhere.

Be sure to check out Netflix between now and April 1 to watch Firefly before it gets the boot, and take a look at our Netflix premiere guide. If you'd rather see what's available non-streaming, we have a handy midseason TV premiere schedule and summer TV premiere schedule as well.

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