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Finale season is in full swing, and primetime television will look like a completely different place pretty soon, as fall favorites start heading into temporary hiatuses (fans hope) to make way for other new and returning summer shows. CBS is set to slowly shed its skin from the fall season, and the network has revealed the finale dates for shows like The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, and everything else the network's millions-strong viewership loves.

Monday, April 1610:00 p.m. ET- Scorpion (4th Season Finale)Wednesday, April 189:00 p.m. ET- Criminal Minds (2-Hour 13th Season Finale)Friday, May 48:00 p.m. ET- Macgyver (2nd Season Finale)Monday, May 78:00 p.m. ET-Kevin Can Wait (2nd Season Finale)Tuesday, May 89:00 p.m. ET-Bull (2nd Season Finale)Thursday, May 108:00 p.m. ET-The Big Bang Theory (11th Season Finale)8:30 p.m. ET-Young Sheldon (1st Season Finale)9:00 p.m. ET-Mom (1-Hour 5th Season Finale)Friday, May 1110:00 p.m. ET-Blue Bloods (8th Season Finale)

Things kick off on Monday, April 16, with the Season 4 finale of Scorpion, and fans can probably expect something big setting up the expected next season. Criminal Minds comes roaring in just a couple days later with an extended two-hour finale on Wednesday, which is a pretty epic way to polish off the emotiona ups and downs of Season 13. Those two finales will put a cap on April, but finale fever will pick up again in early May with some of the younger CBS originals coming to an end, such as the star-heavy MacGyver, Kevin Can Wait, and Bull.

Perhaps the biggest finale day for CBS has to be Thursday, May 10, which is when two of its biggest winners, The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, say goodbye for the summer. Get ready for a big wedding on the former, when the adult George Cooper Jr. makes his first Big Bang appearance, and no worries about either show's fate, as both have been guaranteed returns in the fall season. Mom will also say goodbye for awhile, and while its future isn't as set in stone as the two previously mentioned shows, Allison Janney's recent Oscar win, her previous Emmy success, and the show's consistent ratings might just earn its Season 6 renewal. This first batch of finales finishes out with Blue Bloods on Friday, May 11, but after the weekend that follows Tom Selleck's seasonal farewell, CBS is back at it again with more season finales:

Monday, May 149:00 p.m. ET-Superior Donuts (2nd Season Finale)Tuesday, May 159:00 p.m. ET-NCIS: New Orleans (2-Hour 4th Season Finale)Wednesday, May 169:00 p.m. ET-SEAL Team (1st Season Finale)Thursday, May 179:00 p.m. ET-Life In Pieces (1-Hour 3rd Season Finale)10:00 p.m. ET-S.W.A.T. (1st Season Finale)Friday, May 189:00 p.m. ET-Hawaii Five-0 (8th Season Finale)Sunday, May 208:00 p.m. ET-NCIS: Los Angeles (2-Hour 9th Season Finale)10:00 p.m. ET-Madam Secretary (4th Season Finale)Monday, May 218:30 p.m. ET-Man With A Plan (2nd Season Finale)9:30 p.m. ET-Living Biblically (1st Season Finale)Tuesday, May 228:00 p.m. ET-NCIS (15th Season Finale)Wednesday, May 238:00 p.m. ET-Survivor (36th Season Finale)10:00 p.m. ET-Survivor Live Reunion Show

Monday, May 14, kicks off a week of big comedic and dramatic finales for Superior Donuts, NCIS: New Orleans, SEAL Team, Life In Pieces, S.W.A.T., and Hawaii Five-0, which all say farewell that week. There's nothing too unusual about any of those endings, save the fact that NCIS: New Orleans will conclude with a two-hour season capper, and Life In Pieces will get an hour-long season finale.

The lull between finales is a bit shorter in the next stretch, with NCIS: Los Angeles saying goodbye to Season 9 on Sunday, May 20, followed by Madam Secretary's Season 4 finale immediately after. CBS' finale season rounds out with the bubble comedies Man With A Plan and Living Biblically on Monday, May 21, and with the ratings-conquering vets NCIS and Survivor closing things out that Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, with the latter getting a three-hour stretch that includes the live reunion show.

As CBS winds down its current slate of programming, plenty of other new and returning shows will pop up to take their place. Keep track of all the action of things coming to the service with our midseason premiere guide.

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