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Kevin Smith's survival of his recent heart attack may have proved he's a real-life "Man of Steel," which is probably why the Supergirl team decided to give the popular director an awesome new gift. Smith showed off a fresh looking hockey jersey via Instagram and shared the heartwarming note that accompanied his unique piece of clothing:

The Supergirl team showed a lot of love to their pal Kevin Smith, who has directed three episodes of the series since its beginning. As mentioned in Smith's caption, the jersey with the open-heart design was meant to honor Smith's conquering of one of the world's deadliest foes: the "Widow-Maker." That's quite a thoughtful gift from the writing staff to give Smith, and could put some pressure on The Flash writers' room considering Smith has done just as much for their show as he has Supergirl.

The open-heart hockey jersey isn't the only thing that stands out in this Instagram photo, as Kevin Smith is looking a lot thinner since he had his heart attack. That's intentional, as Smith has been on a weight-loss journey to lose fifty pounds, and has already dropped twenty of those pounds in a month's time. The weight loss allowed Smith to slip into the Silent Bob trenchcoat he wore for Dogma, which shows his weight-loss progress much more than his loose-fitting hockey jersey in the first picture:

The Supergirl writing staff's loving gesture is a great way to ensure Kevin Smith keeps coming back to work on the series, although there was likely little chance he was stopping that anytime soon. The director first entered the series by directing two episodes in Season 2 and already had one episode directed for Season 3 prior to his heart attack. Perhaps this gift was a way of hinting at Smith that they want him to get back into the saddle and do another episode before Season 3 wraps up? It's probably more of a "no-strings-attached" kind of gift," but we have to wonder.

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