Could Supergirl's Newest Addition Be The Third Worldkiller?

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Supergirl is introducing yet another character to Season 3, and its possible this new face could cause even more trouble for Kara. Actress Angela Zhou will appear in an upcoming episode of Season 3 in the role of Dr. Grace Parker, and while normally doctors are seen as a good thing, this show's fans can't trust any new characters out of the fear they could be the third yet to be awakened Worldkiller. Could Supergirl's newest cast member secretly be Pestilence? Here's what we know.

As mentioned, Angela Zhou will step into the role of highly regarded National City surgeon Dr. Grace Parker. Parker has a reputation for her extensive and successful career in helping the sick and injured, which might come in handy for Kara because she's been taking quite a beating as of late. Of course, with another female character working her way into the mix one can't shake the suspicion Parker is unknowingly a sleeping Worldkiller and given that she may be Pestilence of all people, it wouldn't be all that surprising.

A doctor who cares for the sick and secretly ends up being a villain capable of spreading an epidemic plague? The irony is just too perfect for the Arrow-verse to ignore and with Supergirl already halfway through Season 3, the show likely isn't in the business of introducing small role characters who won't impact the plotline. Assuming Zhou is going to be cast as Pestilence, things are about to get a whole lot worse for not just the heroes, but National City as well.

Of course, noted Angela Zhou's Dr. Parker could also be one of the good guys working to assist the DEO in their fight against Reign and Purity. Perhaps Dr. Parker can analyze what's happening with Samantha and Julia, and clear them of their alter egos that are hellbent on destruction? Once again considering how far Supergirl is in Season 3 that doesn't appear incredibly likely when compared to the possibility that Dr. Parker is Pestilence, but it is a possibility. Its also a possibility that, given each Worldkiller has two identities, Dr. Parker could play both sides of the battle, although the DEO may not want someone capable of infecting the team so close to them.

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