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What's Going On With A Potential Deadwood Reunion, According To Ian McShane

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There are countless shows in TV history that fans can argue were cancelled too soon. One series that pretty much everybody agrees deserved more seasons was HBO's Deadwood. The western lasted for three seasons, and its unexpected cancellation in 2006 is still a sensitive subject for many. Now that reunions and reboots of old series are practically commonplace, however, many people have wondered whether or not the Deadwood crowd could come together again for a return to the 1870s. Star Ian McShane has this to say about a possible reunion:

There's talk about it now, them writing a script. But I'll believe it when I'm on the street in my muddy boots...Now would seem a perfect time, it's ten years since they elbowed it. All the other people are free, none of us will be free for much longer.

All things considered, Ian McShane's reveal about the possibility of a reunion might be fairly bitter news for Deadwood fans. It sounds like the timing in 2016 would have been perfect for everybody to get back together for another go at the series. If only they'd had a script ready for production, a reunion might have already happened on HBO.

Ian McShane also mentioned in his Nerdist podcast chat that he and the other cast members are frequently hearing buzz about a Deadwood reunion happening, and he seems amenable to the idea of returning to the character of Al Swearengen. We may not get another look at Deadwood, South Dakota soon, but at least there's still enough interest that people are talking about it with the former stars. Besides, one of the reasons why Deadwood was such a critical and popular hit was just that the writing was exceptional at crafting the world of the 19th century and the characters who resided in it. If the Deadwood team is going to regroup, a rush for a reunion could result in shoddier writing. Fans have been waiting a decade; surely we can wait a while longer for the best project possible.

The fact that a decade has passed without production of a reunion might make it hard for even the most dedicated fans to remain optimistic, but a new Deadwood project isn't just a pipe dream. HBO gave the greenlight for a reunion movie earlier this year, and creator/writer David Milch was slated to return as the head honcho. The only obstacles at the time were finding the time in Milch's busy schedule to work on a reunion and gathering key members of the cast for a TV movie. Ian McShane went on to explain that HBO's frustration with the series stemmed from the high cost and many complications of Deadwood production, so the network's willingness to work on a movie is an encouraging sign.

The series finale of Deadwood back in 2006 left a lot of loose ends dangling for the characters, and a reunion could answer some major questions that have had viewers wondering and waiting for the better part of a decade. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest news on reunions and reboots, and take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what will hit the airwaves in the near future.

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