Bruce Willis Is Getting A Comedy Central Roast, And We Cannot Wait

Bruce Willis will be the next subject of a Comedy Central Roast
(Image credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

Let the roasting begin! Bruce Willis has been announced as the latest star to agree to get roasted on national television as the subject of the next Comedy Central Roast, where honorees are known as the Roastees, and egos are left in the coat check. The Hollywood icon's career will be the target for vicious snark coming from a stage full of his peers and other rando celebs.

No tape or air date has been announced for the Los Angeles-set filming of the Roast, but we don't need that info to know The Roast is one of the most exciting Bruce Willis announcements in some time. The actor is known as much for playing tough-guy characters walking away from explosions, as he is for verbalizing those characters' explosively barbed wit. So you can bet we'll hear all kinds of John McClane gags, Armageddon jabs, and maybe even some Hudson Hawk slams. Or maybe it'll be all Hudson Hawk slams.

Comedy Central has not yet disclosed who will be among those roasting the Die Hard star in the special. Actors he has frequently starred with would be among those it would be fun to see roast the legend. For long-time fans, there is probably one co-star, in particular, they would love to speak at the roast. Bruce Willis' Moonlighting co-star Cybil Shepherd. The show paved the way for Willis's future silver screen success, launching him into household name status. The stars of the series shared a storied behind-the-scenes history during the production of the '80's dramedy. In a 2005 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shepherd said that at one point she and Willis "hated" each other. How is their relationship now? The Comedy Central Roast would be a great time to find out.

It is impressive that Bruce Willis has found time to fit in the Comedy Central Roast. With nearly 40 years in the entertainment industry, the actor is still in high demand. His latest role was in Eli Roth's Death Wish remake, which was met with moderate box office success. He is staying busy though, with upcoming projects that include Glass, the surprise sequel to the 2016 hit Split. The ending of that M. Night Shyamalan film set the stage for the final installment in the Unbreakable trilogy, where Willis found perhaps his most quiet role, marking a sharp dissent from his usually loquacious and quip-happy characters.

The actor's history of saying famous one-liners should come in handy for his Roast, which will be the first to pop up on Comedy Central in two years, with the last installment bowing in 2016. Before Willis, the five previous Roastees include Rob Lowe, Justin Bieber, James Franco, Roseanne Barr, and Charlie Sheen. Willis joins a sizable line of stars who have agreed to participate in the Roast, which has seen fifteen stars getting jovially ridiculed since 2003.

Will Bruce Willis' new role as Comedy Central's next Roastee rival the ones that have come before? Stay tuned. Nearly 40 years of on-screen material is available to pick through, as well as the actor's sometime headline-making experiences starring in those projects. Find out how Bruce Willis' Roast compares when it airs sometime this year. In the meantime, check out our midseason and summer premiere guide to find out what's coming up next on TV.

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