What 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski Says About An NBC Revival

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For every older TV show not currently airing as a revival, chances are high that conversations are being had about it coming back for one. Since successfully launching the return of Will and Grace, NBC has not been shy about expressing its interest in doing the same with some of its other beloved series. Among others shows NBC has openly been eyeing for a comeback is Tina Fey's hit comedy 30 Rock. Here is what former star Jane Krakowski had to say about a possible revival of the often surreal satire:

A revival would be a dream come true. We all had the greatest time on that show. . . . There's definitely been talk and conversations [about it]. I know it's something the fans would love and we would love. We all say over and over again that working on that show was probably the best experience we're ever going to have in our careers, as far as creativity goes. We're still so proud of the writing and the great characters. It was such a success and all of those things were amazing. Right now, [reboots are] the trend. And I would be thrilled if the trend continued over into 30 Rock.

Jane Krakowski shared her thoughts on 30 Rock's possible return with THR, and in a 30 Rock-related setting, as she was attending the Broadway premiere of Mean Girls in support her former co-star Tina Fey. Fans of the series, which ended in 2013 after seven seasons, should be encouraged by the news, since the end of TGS mean the end of an era. )The era of Jenna Maroney, that is.)

Though the discussions are still in the early stages, 30 Rock joins a long list of series NBC is interested in reviving or rebooting. The question is, will people watch? While there has been no high-profile revival fails in the most recent past, there is a reason these series went off the air in the first place. Fewer people were watching in those final seasons, and have these particular shows been gone long enough for someone to miss them? Both 30 Rock and The Office have only been off the air for five years, making their potential returns less nostalgic. In comparison, Will and Grace had been off the air for almost twelve years and Roseanne for just over twenty.

But then, it may seem like many of these more recent shows just went off the air to some, while other fans may feel like it's been eons, so they may anxiously tune in to watch. But for how long, and how important will getting the entire original cast be?. After losing its most prominent star in Steve Carell, The Office could not recapture its initial spark, which was already dwindling by the time Carell left the series. It is unclear if 30 Rock's creator and star Tina Fey would be committed to returning for a large-scale revival, which could impact its potential success. And other stars like Tracy Jordan and Alec Baldwin are quite busy with other gigs, so their involvement might not be as heavy.

Regardless of what audiences would do as a whole, we know that we'd be right back on our couches with a bag full of popcorn and muffin tops if 30 Rock would get the greenlight to return. We want to know what complicatedly named DCEU movies Jenna would star in, and what kind of cameo Tracy Jordan would make on This Is Us. Ooh, and how depressing is Frank's life now? That truly deserves its own spinoff.

While many questions remain, it is nice that the possibility for a 30 Rock revival is alive and well. Keep up with the surefire TV that's coming up by checking out our guides to 2018's midseason and summer premieres.

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