Rob Lowe Has A Hilarious Reason For Why He Never Ages

Rob Lowe on Jimmy Kimme Live
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Rob Lowe stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the release of his new movie Super Troopers 2, and one thing Jimmy Kimmel couldn't help mentioning is Lowe's seeming agelessness. If you compare Lowe's appearance in Super Troopers 2 and his role in the early 2000s on The West Wing, you may notice maybe one small shadow of a difference. In response to the enduring mystery surrounding his youthful visage, Lowe offered the hilariously silly explanation:

Technically, I actually don't age. I suffer from Stage 4 -- what would they call it? -- immortality. You know, it's a thing where many years ago, I helped an old lady across the street. She was a witch. And you know, since then, I just don't age.

The actor went on to jestingly explain that he has been roaming the earth for many years. As "proof," Rob Lowe presented images from historical periods, which Lowe's face was edited in, usually in unconvincing ways. Among the pictures was the iconic photo of the WWII sailor laying a passionate kiss on a nearby nurse as they celebrated the war's end. Lowe did not claim to be the sailor, mind you, but rather a man in the background. The hilariously superimposed image of Lowe was then zoomed in on, and boom, he hasn't aged a day in like 70 years.

Rob Lowe on Jimmy Kimmel Live with superimposed pictures from the past

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This proof of Rob Lowe's immortality, as it were, was presented out of historical order, as the WWII photo flipped to an image from the Civil War. (Definitely got some 12 Monkeys vibes from all that.) As bizarre jokes of this nature tend to do, Lowe's immortality photo montage took things a step too far.

The final picture was actually a painting, with Lowe's face appearing superimposed over one of those depicted in Da Vinci's iconic masterwork, The Last Supper. Not as a disciple, though, but as Jesus' +1 for dinner.

Rob Lowe on Jimmy Kimmel with another superimposed image

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While Rob Lowe's immortality explanation is meant to be ludicrous, his ageless appearance is indeed an out-of-this-world phenomenon. In truth, Lowe did not need such doctored photos for proof. The actor broke onto the entertainment scene back in 1983 with The Outsiders _before achieving further success in _St. Elmo's Fire, eventually emerging as a member of the Brat Pack. If you compare a still frame from either of those movies with one from his current work, it reveals the staggering truth. Rob Lowe is made of magical things.

The actor currently stars on the CBS medical drama Code Black and alongside his sons in the A+E reality series The Lowe Files. Lowe is well-known for his roles on the NBC drama The West Wing and ABC's Brothers & Sisters, and there is one thing they all share in common. Despite the significant amount of time that has passed in between each series' filming, Lowe has not appeared to age in any of them. One would hope that his secret could be shared and employed by others, but for now, this "reason" will have to suffice.

You can watch the video of Rob Lowe's explanation for never aging on Jimmy Kimmel Live on the next page. The third season of Lowe's Code Black premieres on CBS on April 25 at 10 p.m. ET. Super Troopers 2, meanwhile, hits theaters April 20. Head to the next page to watch the Jimmy Kimmel bit in its entirety. For more info on other TV shows that are coming up on CBS, check out our guides to TV's midseason and summer premieres.

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