Rob Lowe Will Be In Super Troopers 2, Making Us Way More Excited For That Sequel

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Broken Lizard and Rob Lowe: two great tastes that should go great together. We wouldn't know, as we've never really had the chance to see the two in action together. At least, that's the excuse we had before tonight, as the famed improv troupe / film-making team announced that Super Troopers 2 is about to set the bar a bit Lowe when it comes to sequels.

Deadline reported the announcement earlier this evening, as they also shared a photo of Rob Lowe on the Boston set of Super Troopers 2. Flanked by the fine men in uniform that make up the law enforcement end of the film's cast, Lowe is playing it casual as Guy Le Franc, the mayor of an unspecified border town in Quebec. Though that's not Le Franc's initial claim to fame, as he's a former Canadian hockey pro, who has somehow settled into public office. Here's hoping he's not the new big bad cast to replace Lynda Carter's Governor Jessman as the heavy.

When we last left the town of Spurbury, Vermont; the local police department was found to be corrupt and replaced by the State Troopers that took the world by storm with their shenanigans in the first Super Troopers. It's hard to believe that it's been 15 years since mastermind Jay Chandrasekhar and the rest of the Broken Lizard team surprised everyone with their comedic chops, delivering a verifiable indie hit to Fox Searchlight with Super Troopers. Naturally, some may take this gap as a sign that the new film is less of a labor of love and more of a grab for attention. Yet if we turn to the words of Rob Lowe, we'll find out worries eased and eliminated, as he's got some glowing praise to issue involving the film. Specifically, he said the following:

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While both Wayne's World and Austin Powers are franchises that should have known when to quit while they were still ahead, they were both also really funny to start. And seeing as Rob Lowe has been around his fair share of comedy goldmines in the past couple of decades, his words do carry a good amount of weight to them. If Lowe feels that Super Troopers 2 is going to be something special, and he's the relative outsider of the cast thus far, then maybe we should start chilling out right meow, and let the magic happen.

Super Troopers 2 will protect and defend the realm of comedy at an unspecified date in 2017.

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