Netflix Has A Crazy Werewolf Show Coming, And It's Got True Blood's Sam Trammell

True Blood actor Sam Trammell is set to star in a new Netflix show featuring werewolves
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Netflix is already taking on witches and vampires with its recent series orders, and it is now turning its attention to werewolves. Netflix's next step into supernatural storytelling will come via The Order, a horror drama that will star a familiar face in the form of True Blood star Sam Trammell, who's talked to a werewolf or two in his time. Leading the new series is iZombie actor Jake Manley and Legends of Tomorrow actress Sarah Grey. So who are they all playing, and what's the story behind The Order? Here is what we know.

The Order follows Jake Manley's Jack Morton, a college freshman who joins a prestigious secret society not long after arriving on campus. The secret society is called The Order, hence the series' title. Upon joining, Jack is thrown into a world filled with magic, monsters, and of course, long-standing intrigue. (Kids these days love long-standing intrigue!) As Jack descends into this new world, he discovers dark family secrets and a hidden war waging between werewolves and dark magic.

So where does Sarah Grey's character come into play? Deadline reports that Grey will be playing Alyssa, a highly intelligent member of The Order who is pulling a double major in political science. She is also attracted to Jack, but to find out if he'll return her feelings, you will have to watch the potentially sordid story unfold. Netflix has ordered ten hour-long episodes to comprise the first season. While the lead characters have been accounted for, though, mystery looms over the roles of other cast members.

Like some of his co-stars, The Order's lead actor Jake Manley is no stranger to supernatural TV shows. He plays Fisher Webb/Captain Seattle on The CW zombie dramedy iZombie. Manley's co-star in The Order, Sarah Grey, had a guest-starring role on that CW series back in 2016. Manley also starred in a single episode of Starz's American Gods.

Actor Sam Trammel is also no stranger to playing in the world of the supernatural. He starred as true blue shape-shifter Sam Merlotte for all seven seasons of the hit HBO series True Blood. His role in The Order is unknown currently, though it can be speculated he may portray the main character's relative, possibly his father. Roles for fellow cast members Max Martini, whose TV credits include the Training Day series, and Altered Carbon's Matt Fewer have not been disclosed either.

I don't know about you, but I think The Order sounds downright exciting. As horror fans know, joining a secret society when you first arrive on a college campus is not a good idea, but it can make for great television. Given the role of magic and werewolves in the present day, The Order does sound akin to True Blood, which the new Netflix show seems to be leaning into, given the casting of Sam Trammell. The Order also feels reminiscent of the terrific 2000 thriller, The Skulls, which also featured the clandestine happenings of a secret society, so maybe we can expect for Joshua Jackson to get added soon.

Find out how The Order stacks up when it premieres on Netflix, though there is currently no premiere date for the series. To find out what other series are set to arrive on Netflix, check out our guide to all of the new and returning shows set to debut on the streaming service via our 2018 Netflix premiere rundown. For more of what is coming up on TV, check out our guide to TV's midseason and summer premieres.

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