Seinfeld's Patrick Warburton Showed Up As Puddy At A Devils Game, And It Was Amazing

Usually when Seinfeld and sports collided, it was all baseball. There was one special episode, however, in which Jerry and Kramer agree to go with Elaine and her boyfriend David Puddy to a Stanley Cup playoff game only to find out Puddy is a little more than a casual fan of the New Jersey Devils. Seinfeld fans may only remember flashes from the episode, but fans of the Devils must know the episode by heart because the stadium was rocking when it was revealed Patrick Warburton was in the building with his face painted and everything:

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The segment was a bit drawn out, but when Patrick Warburton is willing to go to that length to celebrate the Devils, you gotta give the man the spotlight. Warburton didn't disappoint as he quoted just about every quotable moment from the Seinfeld episode "The Face Painter." Warburton even went so far as to put a giant D on his chest, which was actually a lot better than the one he was sporting on Seinfeld.

Patrick Warburton's appearance had double relevance to the show, as the actor was present for Game 4 of the Devils NHL Playoff game. In "The Face Painter," the gang the game attending is also an NHL playoff game, except the Devils are going up against the New York Rangers and not the Tampa Bay Lightning. Unfortunately, Warburton's reprisal as David Puddy wasn't enough to bring the Devils a victory, but if it's any consolation, even folks outside the NHL fandom were loving his Seinfeld reference in 2018:

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This isn't the first time Patrick Warburton has graced the New Jersey Devils with his appearance, as the actor was a part of the team's first ever championship banner raising and ceremonial puck drop in 1995. When he isn't playing David Puddy, Warburton is actually a fan of the Los Angeles Kings. That said, when it comes to attending Devils games, the New Jersey native Warburton knows "you gotta support the team." After their loss following Warburton's appearance, the team could certainly use the support, as they'll be fighting to avoid elimination from the series from here on out.

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