The Bachelor Creator Has Another Dating Reality Show On The Way

The Bachelor has been one of ABC's biggest hits over the years, even going on to spawn spinoffs like The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Now the creator of The Bachelor has a new show in the works that could attract the same kind of audience. Mike Fleiss, who created The Bachelor back in 2002, is launching a show called The Proposal that will feature a host fans of The Bachelor will likely recognize. Here's what we know.

The Proposal will be hosted by former NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer, who also starred in The Bachelor Season 5. His happily-ever-after following the end of his time on The Bachelor didn't last very long, but perhaps he'll have better luck helping others make love connections than he was able to for himself. In episodes of The Proposal, ten eligible daters will compete in four rounds set up in pageant-style. The daters will battle it out to try and win the affections of the suitor (or "suitress," as the case may be). In a twist, the identity of the suitor/suitress will be concealed from the contestants. Episodes will run for one hour each.

The four rounds of competition are exactly what many would probably expect from the man who brought The Bachelor to the small screen. In the first round, the daters will try to win over the suitor/suitress with just their first impressions. The competition will get more intense (and objective) in round #2, which will be a beachwear round. The third round will require the contestants to answer the most romantic questions posed by the mystery suitor. The fourth and final round should be the most stressful of all: the remaining contestants must try to win over the most trusted family member of the suitor.

All ten daters won't make it to the final round and the face-off with the family member. The suitor/suitress gets to give the boot to any daters who don't make an impression on them. Only two daters will remain by the time they get to meet the suitor, and they'll have to deliver a romantic proposal of some kind and of their choosing. It's not clear at this point just what exactly the proposals will entail, but something tells me that the show isn't looking to showcase daters who propose going out for dinner and a movie.

The Proposal received an order for ten episodes. If it's a hit for ABC, the odds are good that it will stick around the primetime lineup. The Bachelor has been enough of a hit that ABC has reason to show faith in the new series from the same creator. The show will premiere at some point this summer. Whatever happens, I hope episodes don't end on quite as sour a note as the latest season of The Bachelor. Maybe just keep Arie out of it.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV news. Although The Proposal doesn't have a premiere date set at this point, plenty of other shows do. Swing by our summer TV premiere schedule for the important dates you'll need now and in the coming weeks. If you're also a fan of streaming, take a peek at our 2018 Netflix premiere guide.

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